Apparently, he’s going to phone the Iranian authorities to “backtrack” on what he said… he is a buffoon…

Honestly, the British political system is on its knees right now…

Car crashing into Brexit without any sign of a deal with the EU…
Andrea Leadsome, the “victim” of last week’s lewd remarks from Michael Fallon, has apparently been accused of sweeping a claim of rape of a young Tory activist at the hands of a senior Tory under the carpet…
Theresa May’s total misjudgement on just about everything…
NHS in crisis, yet Jeremy Hunt is having an easy ride right now because of all the other sh1t material hitting the fan…
A conniving, back-stabbing c*nt (Gove) worming his way back in, probably well placed to take over from May…
A discreditable opposition, headed by a man - albeit with the best of intentions - who is a flip-flopper on key policies such as nuclear weapons, the economy and Brexit…

Laughing stock.


Let’s not forget they’ve probably brought the possiblity of a United Ireland closer than it’s ever been


Indeed… and not to mention they are currently propped up by a bunch of bigots.


This is fucking amazing. Two cabinet ministers gone in the space of a week. Absolute shambles of a Government. May seems determined to go down as the worst post war PM which is no mean feat when you consider the likes of Eden.


She’ll outdo Cameron in the absolute fucking disaster award category.


At least Cameron had the sense to jump before the Brexit shit hit the fan.


Good sense of self-preservation/ cowardice.

There was an article recently in the paper describing May in the aftermath of the election. Basically couldn’t function, crying a lot etc, her husband had to step in to support her, they considered having an SAS soldier (WTF) give her a pep talk. She’s been stumbling on since then. Disaster zone.

When she didn’t fire Johnson over his Brexit red line article she lost all authority, she’s fucked.


Should have resigned after the day after the election and she knows it now. Only she’s too stubborn/cowardly to admit it and go now.


Patel resigns



Ok , what’s Patel’s vested interest in all this with the meetings in Israel that she didn’t let Downing St know about ??


Downing St did supposedly know about the meetings but are denying it to try and save May’s arse


Priti Pathetic …


More like Priti Vacant…


Priti shambolic, as the London Metro put it.


Have to say I think Priti is a real Petal.



travelling from place to place, in particular working or based in various places for relatively short periods.


May once again demonstrates her lack of authority and political nous. She should have sacked her outright instead of allowing her to ‘resign’.


Weak and Inefffectual. Worst post war PM easily IMO worse than Eden, Cameron and Brown