Is he to quit?

Of course it is in everyone’s interests for a reasonable deal to be struck but the hardline brexiteers would drive anyone crazy.


… beyond crazy, more like…


Apparently, Barnier has his eyes on Junker’s job.


ah right. he seems a fairly unflappable type, i’d say he’s good where he is.


It was always entirely predictable how Brexit would play out in terms of what Europe wants/needs. What could change the whole thing would be Europe becomes much more unstable before a deal is made. Which is quite possible the way things have been going.
Or Britain has a revolution, which is not too far fetched either.


Coming up to the 5th November alright … there could well be some other Guy who gives two Fawkes about what’s going on …


You’re on fire tonight!


Mon ami… Bon



He’s not wrong. Seem to recall saying the only thing that would outdo Brexit in the stupidity stakes would be the election of Trump


Would he play bangers in AFL6?



The Mrs loves watching “Come Dine With Me”. She was watching a mini-series of them yesterday from Boston, Lincolnshire that was first shown in 2014. Boston had the highest percentage Leave vote in the Brexit referendum. One of the episodes open with a fact that 1 in 10 people in Boston were poles (it then showed a picture of a lamppost whereby the narrator cracks the line “No, not THAT kind of pole”). Anyway, one of the five contestants was indeed a Polish lady. She won.
It’s no wonder Brexit succeeded.


That program always makes me feel glad I don’t live in England anymore. But it can be funny. Remember the girl who got so drunk in her own house that she conked out and nobody got any food :stew: :stew:


Jaysus… I missed that.
Just as well no Tory voter was present… he’d have probably tried it on with her while she slept.



Convinced Brexit will be eventually dragged into the Trump/Russia investigation. Farage’s visit to Asange straight after he met with Trump in NY still hasn’t been properly explained


Money, money, money.


Follow that guardian journalist above, she Is joining the dots


She has been on it from the off, Cambridge Analytics/ the DUP/ Kenya…