Going to sunny southeast for holiday tomorrow. On of her majesty’s pounds worth 1.06 euros. Can’t honestly remember it being that poor.


Davy will buy ya a few pints! Bag of cans or a few bottles of Tyskie at €1.65 in Tesco’s and you won’t know yerself!


Tesco here I come.


In Portugal atm and the local money exchange place has it at 1 Euro being worth 1.04 pounds… mad stuff


Shops in Newry & Enniskillen will do a roaring trade.


The final piece of the jigsaw if this was to come to pass… An ultraconservative, Tridentine Catholic in No. 10.


You ar shitting me, that inbred posh boy! They will absolutely tank in the next election with that stuck up git as leader.


We were on holiday 4 weeks ago in Spain ,got talking to one of the reps who was Scottish about brexit ,he gets paid in Sterling which gets transferred to his account in Scotland every month , which gets changed into Euros which he withdraws in Spain I presume .He said he is down a hundred euro a month since the referendum last year because of the exchange rate .
There are 300,000 Brits living in Spain and you guess alot of them have retired there ,their British pensions paid in pounds must be getting a hammering.


when the get the boot, we can pick up the cheep apartments :rofl:


They’re making this up as they go along.
I genuinely think that Leave campaigners didn’t bother putting enough thought into the consequences of the result that came to pass as they felt it wouldn’t be passed. Now, they’re having to wing it. There is no way that China, The US, Canada, India, etc will enter into new trade agreements with the UK without knowing what the UK will ultimately agree with the EU.

Vince Cable was 100% right.


totally making it up as they go …

oh well.


The British position on Brexit appears to be that they want to continue sleeping with the wife while looking around for a new girlfriend


And then blaming the wife for a messy divorce


Such a Tory attitude from them unsurprisingly


Jesus fucking christ. Telling someone like Stephen Hawking he doesn’t know how to interpret evidence




May giving a speech in Florence in relation to Brexit


I am looking forward to BoJo, Davies, Fox, Fallon and Farrage sugar-coating this one.


Tessie’s on her way out, I reckon. Very, very soon. Will the Tories go for a hard-line Brexiteer now? They sure as hell won’t elect someone from the remain camp.


Poisoned Chalice. The whole Tory leadership are toxic. Johnson, Mogg, Davis the whole lot of them are odious.