They’ve had to suspend trading of Barkleys and RBS shares this morning as they are plummeting so fast - cash is going to flee london … none of this is good, hopefully it will slow down, but this is the rub of the matter.

If they agree a Norway deal - then none of the brexit (paying into EU and EU immigration) prommises hold true. If they totally remove themselves from the single market then london’s financial institutions will move to elsewhere in the EU (14% of their GDP). Is this really worth it?


The sun has decided to tell the truth about what’s likely to happen and apparently it’s readers aren’t happy …

  1. Inflation is likely to rise
  2. The cost of an average family holiday will rise
  3. Accommodation abroad will cost more
  4. Beer prices will go up
  5. EU caps on international calls will no longer apply, so it’ll cost much more to make calls in Europe
  6. Unemployment will rise and wages will fall by up to four per cent
  7. Mortgages prices will rise
  8. Rates of taxation will increase
  9. Benefit payments may be slashed

Maybe the remain campagin needed to word it in laymans terms like above, so rather then saying “there will be serious financial repercussions” they needed to say “benefits will be slashed and the price of a pint will go up” and they might have had more of a connection with the masses.


I understand all of what your saying, well put and extremely passionate, but was there not a pro EU campaign to get all those points across to the voters. It is all very fine to say they said this and that and it was all lies, but surely somebody put accross the other side of the argument.
I am not suggesting it was a good decision, but I was extremely pissed off when some of Ireland’s most recent referendum’s were repeated due to the result not being the desired one, I found it to be a total lack of respect towards the voters and I feel a bit the same about this one. They voted, the result is there and if it is a bad decision well that it the way it is, but that does not mean it should not be accepted.


Just accept financial ruin ? Democracy is nice until you open your wallet and see nothing there .


… but if people have voted for something based on lies, then the result should not be totally irreversible, surely? By all accounts a lot of brexit voters are very angry with what has come out since the vote.


To be honest, they should have researched it better. It’s telling that the most popular Google search in the UK last Friday, “What is the EU?”

You can be guaranteed more immigrants would know the answer than died in the wool British bulldog types…


Agree they should have, problem is they had the sun telling them it would be fine, so they didn’t.


You would have to rerun every election, tell me an election where promises have all been kept. Surely the the pro EU politicians could have pointed out these lies,


The problem was that both campaigns were largely led by politicians - most of whom are acting to their own, personal agendas (eg Boris wants No 10). Politicians are, by and large, the most untrustworthy people out there. The UK has voted to take control from European Parliamentarians and hand it to Westminster Parliamentarians (and I’d say if they’d ask themselves beforehand, “Do I trust my local MP?”, things may have been different). Out of the fring pan, etc. They harped on about wanting their own, democratically elected houses of parliament in control. They forget that they are ultimately beholden of their monarch (albeit a token head of state whose opinion still holds sway) and an undemocratically elected upper house of parliament.


… but pretty much ALL of their promises are out the window 24 hours after the vote result. It’s astonishing. Not to mention that all the bad stuff which the brexit lads had labelled “project fear” is now unfolding, pretty much as predicted, sterling collapsing again today, public owned RBS has lost £10 billion off it’s value this morning. etc etc.

The pro-campaign was lead by Cameron & Osborne, very dis-likeable figures.


Where did you read that, Tayt’s? I’d be very interested, please.


Here, apparently 10 more companies had the same, only temporary:




Don`t think you are getting my point. I am neither for or against the break as I honestly have not bothered to look into it, but what I do know is the following.
A/ There was a referendum called.
B/ A very clear question was asked.
C/ There were campaigners for both sides, they both had the option to expose the others arguments.
D/ There was a very big turn out.
E/ The people of the UK took their decision by a small majority, but those are the rules.
What is the point is having a referendums as we did in Ireland, if you are not going to accept the result, the referendums we had were a joke and a pure waste of money as the outcome was never going to be accepted unless it was the correct one.


Exactly. They are a terrible way to make complex decisions for all of the reasons above.

  • The public can be easily motivated to vote one way or another by a charismatic politician who might just be telling porky pies so that he can get himself into number 10. A catchy message or well run campaign shouldn’t be the deciding factor in something this important.
  • The opposite effect is if there’s a politician they dislike telling them to vote one way, they will often vote the other way in order to “give him a bloody nose”
  • The public often cant be bothered to read up on what will happen if they vote one way or another and it sure as hell wasn’t made clear as no one seems to know what happens next.
  • The public often use one off votes as a protest vote to express general disillusionment with a whole host of things which are nothing to do with the question being asked
    etc etc etc

I think referendum work well for moral questions like, Divorce, Marriage equality and so on, really not great for complex issues like this imho.

Even the GAA has a 2/3rds requirement so you need a big majority to change really important stuff, now it is probably OTT for the GAA in a lot of cases but a 1% swing in this referendum is really a tiny majority and while it means 17 million voted for, 16million people are pretty upset with the decision and since the lies have been uncovered as just that, you’d have to think there’s enough people pissed off to make the swing go the other way.


Take your point, but how many times do politicians take decisions in order to seek political or personal gain rather than in the interest of the country, let’s not forget the Tories get an unexpected result in the last general election and one of the reasons was that they included the referendum in the campaign, so basically Cameron was willing to risk his country’s future for political gain.
I also think the ignorance vote cancels itself out, I mean why should all the ignorant voters be on one side.


Of course politicians do that, that’s a fundamental flaw in democracy. Just look at Trump to see how far and how bad disillusionment with the establishment is in the US.

The demographics make for interesting reading, the majority of people with a degree voted to remain. Also the vast majority of young people voted to stay. It is the less educated older voter who wanted out. I’d imagine they’re the least likely demographic to have done a whole pile of research. Certainly the vox pops on TV would lend you to believe that a lot of the leave voters believed the NHS stuff. “i voted leave to save the NHS” was a pretty common thread, as well as anti-immigration stuff of course.

Anyways - it’s all a clucking mess now, just saying one vote shouldn’t necessarily be the end of it, even the leave side were making a case for a second referendum when they expected to lose narrowly - the petition for a second vote, which has been signed 2 million times, was setup by a brexit person when they were expecting to lose the vote ad has been taken over by remain voters since the vote was lost - which is kinda funny.


I do agree the margin is very slight, but that is always likely to happen and let’s say you said there had to be a 5% winning margin and one side wins by 5.01% people would argue that too. IMO it is done now and the Brits have to do the responsable thing now and row in behind the decision rather bickering about what might have been. It is all very fine saying that the Leave crowd have no plan but Cameron put the referendum to the people, before doing so he too should have had a plan for an eventual out vote, rather than just jumping ship.


Thats a fair point about the 55.05% vote but at least it would be a decent majority - just seems-crazy the whole thing, hope they dont bugger us up along with them. Will be interesting to see how the wangle/wrangle over the whole thing now.


One thing that might hopefully come out of this debacle is that people actually engage with and actively consider what they are voting on and being told or promised. The amount of braindead gobshites coming along now saying they didn’t realise, weren’t told, are really shocked to find etc etc is both frightening and nauseating - WAKE UP YOU FUCKING MONGOS.