Damn straight, ginger pox.


Wasn’t David Davis, the minister for Exiting the EU, quoted the other day as saying it, Brexit, might not actually happen? What a mess they’ve got themselves into.


Because they are Loyalists.

If the same thing was done to Muslims in the same country there would be fucking uproar.


Culture … I ask you … possibly the saddest ‘identity’ in the Western world … that’s the honest truth …


A backward ugly shower that lot. Was up there a few weeks ago, saw a little scrote banging his drumsticks off a bin. Like the scene from Deliverance. Stay safe Belfast Dub and all our Northern forum friends.


I guess some light touch 12th policing was on the recent shopping list …


Some shambles. Problem is, unless they get the feck out, and the damage is blatantly obvious - then the leavers won’t be satisfied and will only gather more momentum.


I thought it was Vince Cable.


Have noticed far far more Northern registered cars around Dublin than at similar times of the year in previous years


I’m beginning to think this man is visiting from another planet …


Thanks for the thought TippDub.

It’s like a ghost town tonight, bar around the “cultural celebrations”.

Belfast City Council paying for pallets to be burnt on bonfires. The mind boggles.

As dubinhell posted, if some of the signs & effigies at the bonfires were directed towards another faith, there would be uproar.

Then again maybe there wouldn’t, the Reverend McConnell got away with calling Islam “the religion of Satan” 2 years ago.

Eff it all anyway, Leinster Final to look forward to on Sunday.

Àth Cliath Abú!


The UK version of The Sun has “Give us hope Johanna” as their main, front page headline. They’re obviously overlooking the fact that she’s an immigrant?
The Daily Mail has “NOW DO US PROUD JOHANNA” in bold, albeit not their main headline.
The front page of The Express gives its usual alarmist “BRITAIN’S WIDE OPEN TO ILLEGAL MIGRANTS” but mentions to the top right, “MURRAY OUT, NOW COME ON KONTA!”


But she’s good at sport old chap. Just like Zola Budd,Kevin Pietersen,Eoin Mogan etc…


One of the main financial backers of leave

If he really wants to go down this road well we have a bill for 800 years redress. Plenty of other countries as well :slightly_smiling_face:


The UK itself only recently finished repaying a loan to the USA from the Second WW.
I am sure there are lots of other countries in Asia and Africa who would like some recompense for the state they were left in after years of rape and pillage.
What a horrible, sick c*nt.


That is the mentality you are up against.


this is not a brexit bill by the way - i wish the media would stop calling it that, this is the UK sorting out it’s financial obligations for European Projects which they have committed to and also paying their own MEPs pensions etc etc Should their MEPs “whistle for it”? … then again it is the tories!


Quite liked Barnier’s response to the whistling remark. “There is only one sound and it’s the sound of a clock ticking” :grin:


he is far too classy for the likes of boris effing johnson.


Of course, this is just fake news…