She’ll be out in her hoop if she pulls a stunt like that.


She will be gone before the Tory party Annual Conference. They (Gove, BoJo, Hammond) are all lining themselves up now for a leadership contest.
Someone made a point of saying that the agreement between the Tories and the DUP was signed by their party whips and that this was so that the agreement would still be in place after May gets shafted, implying that if May, as PM, had signed the agreement, it would have become void once she was gone.


The Tories need to be gone rather then just May gone, the mad mullahs of the DUP are getting emboldened and that is a hugely dangerous thing. The Conservatives only had something like a 14 vote majority on the last budget vote. That is tiny in the context of the size of their parliament, so natural wastage (death, scandals etc.) will take care of it eventually, but sooner is better then later. Polls at the weekend had Labour with a six point lead if there was an election, but that election would probably need to be soon. I generally agree with SF on their abstentionist policy but if the majority went under seven, and SF could collapse the thing, it would be good craic.


given the DUPs vital cog in propping the whole thing up and then having no interest in the assembly makes the case for the shinners to have a rethink.


Yep, it does, and it would be very tempting, but I think it would be wrong in the longer term. This is only a temporary little arrangement (as they say about these things…) with the DUP and as likely to collapse in a heap as anything else. But also SF were elected on an abstentionist policy and can’t really go against their mandate. Generally I think people think that it would be hypocritical to want to end British involvement in Ireland and then at the same time, go and involve yourselves in theirs. But also I think the (decent) British press will do a better job of shining a light on the general craziness of the DUP then our own lot here do.


This fishing thing will get very messy now.

Under International rules our trawlers will now have to throw back any British fish caught in their nets and the UK trawlermen must similarly return any Irish fish caught. It will be hugely time consuming.


Do the fish have passports?


Their accents will be a dead give away


Protestant fish don’t swim on Sundays.


A lot of NI fishermen will get fucked over by this. The Kilkeel boats do a lot of their fishing in Dundalk Bay


Yeah like London’s gonna care …


Kilkeel is as British as Finchley.


Don’t say that to anyone in Finchley …

Unionism and the UK … the greatest unrequited love story since me and Leslie Dowdall …



Meanwhile in the U.K., the economy is starting to slow - where it is picking up everywhere else, they’ve gone from the fastest growing economy in the eu to the slowest growing, and this is only the start of it. Project fear they said. Enough of experts they said. Oh dear.


Oh dear, out of this as well U.K.



Jesus … just because he joined Fianna Fáil???


Just looking at the ITV News there and they have this massive bonfire beside houses, which they are boarding up the windows on, a power station and a filling station. Madness …

Hope nothing goes wrong …


They burnt down a house last year because the embers from the bonfire blew onto the roof.


How is burning posters of politicians and flags not incitement to hatred?