And the Irish Pubs are great for showing English Premier League games, in fairness.


And Scottish soccer ball :basketball: we’re very open to other cultures. Sher someone told me we even play cricket now


Here you, those Scottish clubs were founded on the sales of Irish catholic mass cards. They’re as Irish as the Blarney Stone!


Was that not Rangers?


Contrasting opinions in the headlines.


Pretty sure :joy:


The legends signage. Still be fresh looking in 50 years.


Theresa May became the most expensive Foster parent in the world today …


Why the DUP love to be part of the Union … :joy:


It’s so messed up. So the magic money tree does exist!


Get your wood pellet boilers …


I wonder did she promise to invade Clontibret?


£100m per vote.

Meanwhile, Lizzie Windsor is to get a £6m per annum increase in her salary.


Who is funding the DUP and Brexit?




“Vague assaurances”

The train wreck continues


It seems mr Davis doesn’t like details, this is the brexit minister who harps on about being prepared to walk away with no deal when it turns out the gonbeen hasn’t even bothered to cost out the damage walking away without a deal would do. Basic stuff you would have thought.


A bad deal (as with the DUP) being better than no deal suited the Tories when it came to securing their role in government.


This is not dodgy at all


Someone mentioned Baldrick elsewhere … well here’s a cunning plan … :flushed::flushed::flushed: