Ruth Davidson is probably best placed. BoJo is a flip-flopper. I actually think he’s more pro-EU than May. I think May and BoJo were the wolves-in-sheeps’-clothing in opposite camps during the Brexit debate. May went remain, thinking Cameron would win and she would retain her job. BoJo saw the chance to usurp Cameron only to be then stabbed in the back by Gove. The biggest surprise was May bringing Gove back into the fold. Surely she knows he cannot be trusted and has his own mind on No 10.


Bringing Govs back, retaining BJ, David davis, Fox - the lot of them are a terrible reflection on the UK.


Problem with Davidson is that she isn’t an MP and even if she were it wouldn’t be a ‘safe seat’ in Scotland. Would probably need to parachute her into a safe seat in England.


I discounted that. Do you need to be an MP, though? Can she be a Member of House of Lords (easily arranged)? I think Mandy Mandelson held a cabinet post as a Lord.


Yep needs to be an MP. She could be a member of the cabinet as a House of Lords member but cannot be PM




The gentleman being interviewed needs no introduction, whatsoever.
However, if there exists, an online, aural dictionary, the following audio should be used to define “bluff” and/or “waffle”.

The UK’s Foreign Secretary at its most critical, peacetime, diplomatic period?

Crazy stuff, altogether.


He’s an arse. People say behind the comical bumbling image he’s really smart. Don’t believe that.



People tend to overestimate others, he’s a prime example.

The interviewer’s quip about it not being a two Ronnies sketch was gas.


Even if he is smart (and smart is undefinable anyway), so what? His carry on is actually worse if he had a brain. He was fired as a reporter for telling lies, that is some achievement within the British right wing press. He is deplorably unethical. He joined the Brexit side to further his own political career and then made a complete and utter mess of following up on it when he got shafted by Gove. It is public schoolboys arguing over who will be head boy, but using Britain as their ‘house’ or whatever tripe terminology they use.

I am not totally against it. A large part of me is quiet pleased to see Britain turn into a backwoods quagmire, and I think there is opportunity in it for Ireland. But, I see two huge issues, dragging the six counties out of the EU is mental and needs to be opposed and also any attempt to normalise the Neanderthal DUP needs to be resisted. On which subject, I see their new MP Little- Pengelly (that’s her name, I am not disparaging her height!) has no issue with the erection of 100s of UVF flags in her constituency. I know their record on gay rights is deplorable and needs to be exposed, but this is worse in my view. The UVF were (actually are…) the lowest of the low who specialised in random sectarian murders.


totally agree wifi. if he is smart, then he must realise the last of the charm has gone out of the bumbling buffoon act.

Look at this fucker, he was part of a group who were trying to fight EU building material regulation …


Bee populations are in serious decline. It allowed to drop much further, unchecked, it will have untold effect on the supply of food crops.
I would not be surprised to hear that Gove has serious business interests in the pesticide industry.


Yes Barry …


Nthing to see here, just the tories caught cheating another election



Beautiful graphic design on all of those businesses - classy.


The sign says: 'Genuine British Food’
You couldn’t be eating that 'orrible Spanish rubbish now init?


The Irish aren’t much different.


Not really. The worst we do is bring Barry’s tea bags. The Irish pub is usually popular with all nationalities.