This is why I despise the tabloids including any of them masquerading as Irish versions (Mail/Sun/Mirror/Star).

Better factual content in the beano


Hey hey hey - leave the Beano out of this Vin!!

And still people buy them … just like they still listen to radio programmes packed with bitter boggers …




Wouldn’t be one bit surprised if it does happen


Thing this fear is why information is so slow and even then trickling.


The Sun in on the act.

The Sun Has Denied A Reporter Impersonated A Grenfell Tower Relative To Visit A Victim In Hospital via @ikrandahir

— Fiona Rutherford (@Fi_Rutherford) June 16, 2017


Vile bastards :japanese_ogre:


I don’t intend this to sound disingenuous in the face of a horrific disaster but fire hazards in old or poorly conducted buildings must have been a known risk for decades. It must be a known risk here too albeit on a smaller scale. Are we also to believe in all facets of social services with antiquated infrastructure there are not more accidents waiting to happen?

It’s horribly unfortunate that it’s only in the face of disaster that change only comes about. But I don’t think any government is going to clean up every old error and more things like this will inevitably occur. Its an incredibly sad event.


Multi storey flat buildings are safe as long as they are designed and built correctly. Each flat must be compartmentalised so that a fire is contained in that flat. Each floor must be treated in the same way so that fire cannot jump from one floor to another. This is the theory but of course bad design and bad building and self regulation all add up to disaster.
Add in the facts that there was only one staircase (which I read had a gas main with no fire protection recently added illegally), flammable outside cladding which had an air gap running the height of the building, and that residents were under instructions to stay where they were in the event of a fire and just about everything that could go wrong went wrong.
If the new cladding had never been added to the 1974 building, I believe there wouldn’t have been any deaths at all. It’s the most horrible disaster, it’s difficult to read about it.


This is going to be the clusterfuck everyone but the Brexiteers thought it was going to be


I actually think it’s going to be less bad now then before the election. If the tories drive the economy off a cliff now they’ll be wiped out at the next election.


I’m sure this will go down well with businesses up the North…


The negotiations with the DUP are going well…


Maybe her top negotiators are dealing with Barriner? … oh no yeah, that’s the numpty david davis.

It might slowly dawn on these lads that they don’t hold (m)any of the aces. May will have a hell of a job steering a hard brexit through, her own party are totally divided on it.


Well she’d never get Ken Clarke and Anna Soubery to vote for a Hard Brexit for starters


If they can’t do a deal with the DUP, then another election?


Goes to Labour to see if they can form a Govt. (They probably won’t be able to) then it goes to another election.


I.e. the DUP are surprised that a negotiating team isn’t just saying No to everything.


The London version of The Daily Mirror’s front page headline this morning read “Now even the crackpots can’t work with May!”

She’ll be gone soon enough, I reckon. Probably well before Trump.


She’s a goner for sure. Problem they have is who to replace her with. the rest of her cabinet are as bad, if not worse.