I’d replace “could” with “should”.

My heart goes out to this guy. I don’t think he’ll ever be able to forgive himself.

@25AliveOh , I really believe that Corbyn is not trying to make political gain on this. There are inherent risks involved for thousands of tower blocks the length and breadth of the UK. It will be in the DNA of any government to drag their heels on these matters, sweep it under the carpet, etc… it is the job of the opposition to demand immediate action.


The Sun and The Express already leading the charge a la Hillsborough in trying to shift the blame away from Tory mismanagement


I have no doubt those rags will have a cut at the guy who owns the fridge, they are scum.


Oh The Daily Mail already are


They’re the absolute worst of the lot. As if it’s his fault his fridge caught fire.


The cladding system used is banned in the US on buildings taller than 12m for fire concerns.


Saw newsnight last night, looks very much like the cladding is the biggest issue.


I don’t think there were sufficient fire stops between the stairwell and the individual apartments themselves, either.



The Express ignoring the fact that this cladding is banned in Germany so they can use this incident to have an Anti EU Rant



That’s actually disgusting


The age profile of those who read The Daily Express and The Daily Mail is getting hire and hire. Hopefully, those spiteful, hateful rags will be history in about 15-20 years time. Even The Sun has fired Kelvin MacKenzie.


Just need that c**t Murdoch to pop his clogs


They “fired” him previously and still brought him back as a columnist


I think MacKenzie’s days are numbered though.


What a vile fucking excuse of a newspaper


Horrible c*nts.


I prefer this response to that newspaper


Good man mick.