There are entire families missing. The Fire Brigade report it will take weeks to go through the whole building. Police rightly will only announce figures for deaths they are sure of. It’s going to get a lot worse as time goes on unfortunately.


From reading the UK papers it looks like £10 million was spent on refurbishment. This was done not for the benefit of people living in them, but to make them more attractive to the surrounding neighbours. All the money was spent on the exterior cladding which acted like a chimney flue for the flames- that is obvious from the videos.
A woman Labour councillor who had continuously tried to raise safety issues in the block was told basically to shut up and stop being so annoying.
Teresa May visited the site today ‘without cameras’ they said on Channel 4 news - she might have been lynched.
I’m wondering why they are so reluctant to say or even estimate how many died.


Some of the papers going to town on the lad whose faulty fridge started the fires, unreal.

It doesn’t seem to have been just that which led to the inferno…


Definitely seems to be a lid on this. Shaping up to be the biggest U.K. disaster in many many years. God love them all.


How could they know so early what caused it ?


That’s why I’m saying it’s unreal @Unbelievable

Fcukers already looking for someone to blame instead of showing some compassion for those still unaccounted for.


Original 999 call reported a fridge on fire in the flat. That’s the seat of the fire.


[quote=“Rochey, post:629, topic:617, full:true”]
Original 999 call reported a fridge on fire in the flat. That’s the seat of the fire.
[/quote]Rochey, I bow to your professional knowledge here.

Could they have not said anything for the time being and how would the papers have known who exactly had made the call?


KIt was widely reported that the original 999 response was for a fridge on fire. The tenancy obviously became well developed quite quickly.

I never said who made the 999 call.

When the flat was a fully developed fire, the flames went out the window, setting fire to the cladding, which it appears to me, were not fire treated or fire rated, as the images I saw, show it spreading over the entire building outside, and then inwards through either already opened windows, or windows that failed due to the intense heat.

Flats like these, and the ones in many DCC areas of dublin, are concrete structures, which stops fire spread to adjoining flats, unless it jumps from window to window, fire entry through window openings, as appears to be the case here.

LFB showed tremendous valour and courage during this operation and despite the massive cuts the Tory party have thrust upon them, these men and women went above and beyond and for me, are the only authority to come out of this with any degree of credit at all.


That paints a terrifying picture.

Having worked on the construction of some apartment blocks during the boom and seeing the standards applied I think a safety audit of all buildings constructed during that period is advisable. That’s not hyperbole. The self-regulation of standards and the economic profit available was a dangerous nexus.


Unfortunately this woman, nor her party, just don’t get it … ever …


Mark Easton, BBC news’s Home Editor on News at Ten said it all just now…
One of the richest boroughs in one of the richest cities in one of the world’s richest countries, had hundreds of people living in a fire box, owned by the local authority.

Andrea Leadsome, a rival to Theresa May in contending the Tory Party leadership last year, was rightly criticised at the time for highlighting that Theresa May should not be PM as she had no experience of motherhood. On reflection, she may have had a point. May is totally devoid of compassion and empathy. I think that’s less to do with not being a parent than it has to being a Tory MP.
It is nothing to do with political goal scoring to suggest that if a General Election was to be held tomorrow, then the Tories would be obliterated. I hope the UK’s electorate remember this, whenever they next go to a national poll.
Someone needs to be held responsible. I would focus on Gavin Barnwell and The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea’s Council leader.


You posted this while I was composing my last post. I agree with you 100%.


Tbf May wasn’t able to have children afaik. Hence the backlash against Leadsom last year


May visited the scene today. Spoke to a few Fire Fighters and then left. She completely ignored those who had escaped from the fire. Definitely lacks compassion and the common touch.


That’s why I think it’s the wrong time for Corbyn to be making political gain, it’s opportunistic on the back of terrible tragedy. I’m sure he’s right in what he says but two days after the tragedy when most of the dead are not yet known is just all wrong


This is massive politically. Huge repercussions here and already hints of a cover up.


I don’t like May at all, or the CP, but I guess it’s possible she didn’t want to insult people who she knows full well blame her govt for this disaster to some extent by cosying up to them at this point. There’s a time to show that, and there’s a time for dignity.


If the election was today rather than last week, the tories could have lost.


I said Leadsome was rightly criticised. I also pointed out that May lacking compassion is more to do with being a Tory than not being a mother. Also, I don’t recall it being mentioned that she couldn’t have children.