I presume details will have to be made public? Should make for interesting reading.



Labour and Lib Dems calling for it to be made public


shakes head


DUP seeking a position for Farage apparently, either in Brexit negotiations (!) or a lordship. Connection is via their backer apparently, lot of money channelled through them.


Farage??? … omg let them get wiped out in the next election


You’re only coming to that conclusion now?


no surprises there then


What could possibly go wrong…

PSNI will be delighted I’d say…


DUP principles were hidden away from scrutiny in a backwater of the UK (wouldn’t be my terminology) that little Englanders cared little about…until now.

They are in for an onslaught and it’s hard to see how their Christian fundamentalism will remain intact.


May won’t concede on marches, she knows and the DUP know it will lead to nothing but trouble and downfall. No, this is their way of getting other stuff, she denies them this, then it’s easier for her to give them other stuff that would otherwise be a breaking point. They are not stupid


They want money … and lots of it …


And the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament will pipe up too. Ruth Davidson will ensure that, having given the Tories a strong footing once again in Scotland.


I’m stunned. Corbyn already trying to make political gain out of the fire. Sick


It’s s fair shout, there hve been multiple warnings about these buildings and nothing has been done.

It’s not like a terrorist threat where you can’t definitively stop all attacks, this was entirely preventable. Also the tories cut back the fire dept as well as the police. arseholes.


Yep. This is exactly the time Corbyn has to speak up. Tories cannot be allowed get away with this. Johnson slashed the Fire Services, May’s new Chief of Staff who was an MP until last week sat on a report which warned of issues with Tower Blocks such as this one.


Changes in legislative oversight and regulation of standards etc to encourage/ assist business (ie making money) and cuts in public services become apparent in tragedies like this, perfect time to discuss it.


Christ. They hope it won’t reach triple figures suggests to me theirs a huge chance it will


Jesus wept


My God they are really playing this down then at this stage.