DUP likely to be bought off.

Imagine that. Money solves the problem.

Considering Ian Jnr’s addiction to ‘gifts’ it’s hardly surprising. Out go the Brits. Corbyn gets what he really wants and generations of younger Britons are shafted by the oul c@&ts that govern them.


Cash for ash part 2


I’m Looking forward for IREXIT bringing this carry on to ireland, raw ignarence and right wing flag waiving is all Brexiteers have to offer


Subsection? Demographic? Ah would ya ever f**k off with that sort of shite Graham. Good man.


Well I for one am shocked


The stupid ■■■■■ that turned up expecting him to march with them deserve to be baton charged, with extreme prejudice.


Hammond on Andrew Marr has all but admitted the DUP are being bought off.


Yes I thought the same. A fig leaf for their humiliation. How quiet Jacob is now. Where is Boris? Sammy must have fallen ill?


Where’s Corbyn?

Praying that it all goes through so there doesn’t have to be a second referendum I suppose.



Sammy got food poison after a visit to the ‘chippy’ his arse is as red as his face with them back door trots.


A waster and a charlatan. A supporter of a failed ideology and as much responsible and more as the Tories for this mess.

To give May her due her sheer bloody mindedness is staggering. She could well see this over the line this week. And the 16 million or more who wanted to stay are totally unrepresented.

Corbyn’s ultimate failure will be when the Tories walk the next election.

EDIT: And ultimately Brexit will be achieved all to placate a bunch of people who believe that dinosaurs are simply ‘God fuckin’ with our heads’ to quote the late, great Mr. Hicks.


Corbyn is like Macavity the Mystery Cat. No matter what goes wrong, he’s never there.



May had an opportunity to build consensus and deliver a Brexit that wouldn’t mess them up too badly. Corbyn had. Chance to rally the remainers and build. Proper opposition. Both failed miserably.




Where are SF in all of this? The British don’t even know there is another viewpoint in the north. I understand and generally agree with absentianism, but I am not so sure that the fundamental constitutional position of the north isn’t a case for making an exception.

As a SF voter most of my life (more on republican grounds then socialist ones though to be honest ), I am saddened and a little angry at their complete lack of relevance in all of this. They have the votes to make an impact - but they refuse to.


My guess is they are tactically staying quiet in the expection/hope this goes economically wrong and they can hang it around the neck of the DUP in the communities that SF represent. SF’s battle in the north is with nationalists now to try and convince them that unity makes sense.

Post Brexit if the north loses jobs or any infrastructure emerges on the border they will go into overdrive.

For now it would appear the DUP are doing very well in SF’s eyes. If what I’m saying turned out to be true then I think it’s too dangerous a game to play.


You’ll be rightly in for it when a few particular posters see this.

Never mind the fact that you’re right. The DUP are being bought off in front of their noses and they’re just sitting back and letting it happen. And the DUP will have a great time spinning that to the voters.


DUP surely had this possible outcome in mind all the way along. They win the maximum benefit for themselves and whatever things they may feel they can get for their electorate. Horrible and neanderthal as they may be, they still play some good politics.