Get your Tory brain around this one


I don’t think corbyn is being honest, maybe that’s going too far but he’s awfully wet.


How many governments are elected with more than 50% of the vote!

If you don’t support democracy - which you obviously don’t! - then by all means let falling down drunks in Brussels who never got one vote in any of 26 of the 27 EU states tell us all what to do.


Falling down drunks. You can only mean the former Luxembourg prime minister? He was nominated by the European Council (heads of state) and then elected by the European Parliament.

Didn’t you declare as fact that the Eu doesn’t care about ireland and only cares about the Uk’s money, that we would be under the bus by now because we’re so pathetic? Methinks your blatant anti Eu bias is clouding your judgement.


Time for the EU to call their bluff. Refuse their extension and give them one last choice. Leave on the 29th or remain. That’s it.


One commentator reckons the EU will offer a 4 yr extension.


No way would the ERG accept this.

Unilateral revocation of Article 50 would be a real possibility now IMO


It’s like a royal rumble everyone fighting each other, and that’s just not res dubs! :wink: You would need to take a week of work to follow brexit because it’s changing by the minute.

As for Corbyn is he is a political powerhouses or an enda Kenny?


We are discussing referendums here not the system of proportional representation or others similar to it. Irrelevant comparison. The initial point I raised was regarding Irish EU attitudes which you countered then dropped. I take it as a given then you accept Ireland is pro EU .

On my democracy comment. It’s clear your taking what you want from opinions here irregardless of what’s actually written. I stated democracy is flawed, which it is imo, like every other imagined system of governance. However it’s the best we have. I never stated it wasn’t my prefered choice. The End.


I never get the whole we didn’t vote for them argument. We also didn’t vote for the Healy Rays but they are a part of a larger island of Ireland and the same rationale applies to the EU surely?


The crux of the situation is there is no squaring this circle.

And if the UK doesn’t leave on 29 March it will copperfasten a legitimacy deficit (real or imagined) for a significant cohort of the electorate. That will be a major factor in UK politics in the future.


Newsflash: you’re not famous, I don’t know who you are either.

And it doesn’t matter: the substantive point remains, you’re talking out your hole again.



God, I hated Brian Moore as a player. But he’s a brilliant pundit and makes a great point on that.


Something you’re not too bad at yourself.

Keep your insults. Water off a duck’s back.


I think it’s also how the question is pitched.

E.g. if it meant higher taxes, less services etc…how would you vote.

Then you’ve a lot of people who’re sick of politics and bickering…and just want to keep the head down for an easy life.

Plus people are risk averse…wary of the unknown…devil you know and all that.

So you can see how it’s possible for a nationalist to describe themselves as Irish - but yea, the place is too fu**ed up to think of unity just yet.


The former leader Mike Nesbitt was pro-remain and by far its most liberal leader ever.

He got a tanking at the polls.

The new leader Robin Swann voted leave - which means he’s left himself impotent to attack the DUP.

I’d say a lot of liberal UUP voters will switch to the Alliance.


Holy fùck :joy:


Varadkar was a bit player in all of this. Do you seriously think they were consulting him on what was going to happen?

This will be sorted or not by London and Brussels the latter being basically Germany and its allies. Dublin is not an ally; more of a busboy.

Daedalus, the 26 county electorate voted against Nice and Lisbon, first time of asking.

Perhaps many people just don’t care any more as their democratic decision was ignored?

I am not “anti EU” is so far as a trade and not having a world war every generation is concerned, and yes it has played a part in that.

I am opposed to its increasing encroachment on all sorts of other things it has no business dictating to member states,


There’s very few really good journalists left in Britain. Jon Snow is one of them though