Yes those dastardly MP’s defying democracy by
** checks notes ** holding a vote


That’ll be a great comfort to the generations who will be ruined by what’s going on. But sure at least they’ll get what they voted for.

I’ve no time for fence sitters


Very brave if you to insult me from behind a username.

Anything other than insults to contribute?

I know exactly why SF aren’t there. On this issue I think they’re wrong. And I’m sure they’re big enough to take the criticism without resorting to petty, juvenile, anonymous insults.


The DUP need to keep their heads down. They are getting lashed at home by their voters, even the Loyalist / Unionist newspaper editorial today lashed their handling of Brexit. The UUP, if they get their act together could make inroads at the next election.


I would, but you are ignoring me apparently!


You’re talking out your hole again, and in a juvenile manner, and thinking it’s highbrow commentary. Sitting on a fence. They’re not, they never said they’d do anything other than what they’re doing.

Do you think insults are less petty or insulting if there is a real name attached??

Anyhow I’ll leave you to your deep profound meditations on how it’s either Labour or SF’s fault.


Calling me juvenile while insulting me anonymously.

The irony is clearly lost on you.

Enjoy your evening.


Absolutely ridiculous


It’s obviously neither of their faults, but they have been badly exposed by the Brexit crisis. Which in fairness has made a nonsense really of the party system given that divides are as deep within as between the Westminster parties.

Corbyn and SF were consistently opposed to EU centralisation (federalism if you like) for years. Indeed the British Labour left and SF were until recently unequivocally in favour of leaving.

Corbyn for whatever reason has clung to that while SF have abandoned it, along with almost everything else they claimed to believe in!

Interesting times.


Your enemies enemy is your friend.

I don’t think SF’s Brexit policy can be described in any other way.

Plus Ireland as a whole is overwhelmingly pro EU and any party with ideas of entering office would be ill advised to go against that.


The electorate in 26 counties twice voted against EU enlargement. and greater centralisation in Lisbon and Nice referendums which were forced to be re-run, Just as some want to disregard the democratic vote of the Brits!

Corbyn’s stance is underlined by the massive Leave vote in Labour strongholds.

As for SF’s “enemy of my Enemy.” They accepted Partition and Stormont so not sure who the enemy is any more :slight_smile:


I have to agree, why run for a seat your never going to take, why not stand a side and let another nationalist party go in a speak and advocate for the people. Don’t know if SF mps would change things in Westminster but the only voices being heard from Northern Ireland are the DUP.


You have repeated the line countless times that a 2nd referendum is Labour’s policy, it is not the party policy and was not in their manifesto.

Corbyn and labour did bring a motion 2 weeks ago that would have brought about a 2nd referendum and it was soundly beaten with the new independend group voting against it. Let’s try keep to the facts and let the Brits do the lieing.


UUP are pro Brexit and are led by someone who wants to be more orange then the DUP.


Annonomys Jesus everyone knows Tommy, it was his name here for about 10 years. what a ridiculous comment


So am I to take it you hold the view that those referendums are a reflection of Irish EU attitudes? Did you think the electorate was well informed or some acting on a protest vote?

Democracy is obviously the best form of governance out there but 50 plus 1 referendums are a flawed concept imo. Brexit is one such example. That’s not to say leaving the EU is not a legitimate aim for the UK, they joined a club so are entitled to leave. However, advocating populist falsehoods to achieve political aims is democracy at its worst.


Everyone doesn’t know him. If they did then I would know him. Which I don’t.

As for Labour

“If parliament rejects our plan, then Labour will deliver on the promise we made at our annual conference and support a public vote,” shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer said.

How is that NOT supporting a second referendum.

And just an hour ago Corbyn reiterated Labour’s support for a second vote.

So unless that means the opposite of what he actually said then apparently it is Labour policy to support a second vote. Which they didn’t.

The man is a clown


A statement is not policy, you are either trying to decieve or you haven’t a clue.

Again corbyn lost a vote that would have lead to a 2nd referendum and dosent have the numbers now, unless there is a GE a 2nd ref will not happen. UK is not ireland, they will not listen to reason or be bullied into a revote


Go Irexit…


I haven’t a clue?

But Saint Jeremy clearly knows what he’s doing.