Don’t know how people can continue to defend Corbyn. He’s constantly being presented with open goals by the Tories and refuses them.


He wants to win an election, become PM and be the one who delivers Brexit.


He’s absolutely delusional he won’t do any of those.


The coverage of their parliament is just embarrassing. ‘My right honourable friend’ etc. They need another visit from Cromwell, but this time, to the commons.


Was laughing at them state of them last night, yerman General Melchet in blackadder was on the money


It’s a wonder he was able to type this given how far he appears to be up Trumps arse


Brexit needs trump! :joy::joy::joy:


Ok - I’m not defending Corbyn but, apparently, the “Official Peoples’ Vote” campaign (I don’t know who anointed the as official) have also called NOT to support the same amendment.


I think their houses of parliament are much more craic than either Seanad Eireann or Dail Eireann, unless Michael Ring or Willie O’Dea or one of the Healey-Raes are having a meltdown.


Yes but the optics of them sitting on their hands looked awful.

Sky report that 18 Labour members voted agaisnt even though they were told to abstain and that official party policy is in favor. They’re as bad a mess as the Tories.


At least they can stand up and make a speech without notes. Hardly anyone in the Dail can do that. It’s our lads that are an embarassment.


Winning votes on amendments by 2,3 votes.

If only there were a few spare ones lying around somewhere


Majority of 210 to extend. If the EU wants to of course.

In actual fact absolutely nothing has changed.


Incompetent, Useless etc…

He’s no leader. Leaders lead and he quite clearly isn’t


Things have changed. May has visibly lost control of her party. The DUP has never been quieter. Boris is hiding. So too that Pinnochio-headed gee bag Mogg. They never thought they had so little power. Their bluff is being called.


Pinocchio headed geebag Mogg

I’m robbing that.


It’s hardly SF’s fault that this shitefest is going on though @alanoc

If that’s what you’re implying?


It would have been very interesting if they were there. But they weren’t


It would be fairly hypocritical of them to take the seats now and to do so would push what is already a tentative situation re Stormont to the point of no return


Fascinating, insightful, cutting edge political analysis Alan. Demonstrates the profound depth and breadth of your political thinking. Stunning. I’m in awe.