With FF moving up there I suspect more people will abandon the Sdlp I wonder how this will impact


The last sensible Tory


I don’t think you could call yourself a Nationalist if you didn’t want a united Ireland ?


Fair point!


Unionist have always thought a large portion of Catholics will support the union when push comes to shove and in fairness the limited opinion polls on the subject seems to support that. SF get just under 30 percent of the vote meaning all SDLP, alliance, PBP and non unionists voters support the union.


This is interesting :eyes:



So in theory no deal is off the table, which is good news … but bizarrely it could still happen if they don’t agree something else as it is the default.


Peak Brexit


They were always going to come up with something on trade.

Johnson and others were able to tough it out in knowledge that there would be a fall back position.

Real game was/is Brits taking back political power from Brussels, and the internal battle within Tories as again evidenced last night and night before.

Says it all about Corbyn that a party at war with itself is still favourite to win next GE and that Labour is less of a threat to that their own internal splits!

As for unity, unfortunately that was never on the cards. You can almost taste the disappointment in the SF reaction as it was useful distraction from their own irrelevance.



That is what you are up against, they have taken from the USA well - just lie and spoof and spout bullshit at a rate that people can’t keep up with all your nonsense.


Some Tory dumpling and Nigel Dodds have now tabled an amendment calling for no second referendum. Interesting to see how that will go, if it’s voted upon.


strange move to bring it in as it almost forces May’s hand if it is rejected? I wonder have they done the same calculations as the 1922 group when they tried to oust May last year


They’re probably hoping for enough Lab MP’s to align with them on this one.


From the BBC…


Speaker selects four amendments

House of Commons


John Bercow

HoCCopyright: HoC

At the start of today’s main Brexit debate, Speaker John Bercow announces that he has selected the following four amendments for debate:

Amendment (h) – Cross-party Remainers

This amendment requests an extension of Article 50 in order to have another referendum.

Amendment (i) – Benn/Cooper

This amendment, which has lots of cross party support, would allow MPs to take control of parliamentary business next Wednesday (20 March).

They would use the time to debate a Brexit motion that could lead to Parliament holding a series of indicative votes on different Brexit options, possibly the following week.

He adds that there has been a ‘manuscript’ amendment tabled to this, which will be published shortly.

Amendment (e) – Labour frontbench

This amendment rejects the PM’s deal and the idea of leaving without a deal.

It also calls for an extension to Brexit talks to “provide parliamentary time for this House to find a majority for a different approach”.

Amendment (j) – Bryant/Brake

This amendment orders the government not to put its Brexit deal to another vote, citing parliamentary rules."

Nothing about the amendment I previously mentioned. Maybe that will be considered after today.
I like Bercow, takes no crap from hard-line, right-wing Tories.


Hard to like John McDonnell, to be honest.
Apparently he has just told an ITV correspondent that Labour will NOT back a second referendum tonight but may do so next week.

Mark Francois, another odious, c*nt-faved twat is giving out now about the amendments that Bercow has selected.


Francois is like something out of a bbc mockumentary


Bercow wouldn’t allow an amendment to bar a second referendum. Fair play to him.

And Corbyn won’t propose one despite it being party policy. The bollocks.


Apparently Labour won’t support the motion for a second referendum. Today is all about getting an extension apparently.

What a shower.