They’re not very bright.


Is it a fake account?




May’s hand potentially strengthened, ironically, with defeat tonight? Brexit gets a knick-knack, will Brexiteers now start backing May?


4 votes. Jaysus.



Majority of 43 to reject no deal.

She’s actually finally mentioned a second referendum, if only mentioned it, in the context of what comes next.


Absolute shitshow


Corbyn on his feet. No mention of a second referendum even though it’s Labour policy.
What a bullshitter.



She is going to try her deal again, isn’t she, this time in a no Brexit v my deal vote



I thought Nigel didnt like Europeans sticking their noses into British politics :thinking:


Nigel is a c**T


And everyone thought it was the Brits that infiltrated republicans, the RA must have a few plants in the DUP with all the working they are doing to bring down the union.


The union is safe for now, only 35% up there support a United ireland


I wonder, 45% claim to be nationalist or republican but many don’t want a united Ireland.

I guess the fear of change is always there but nothing a good economic collapse wouldn’t change


NOt all nationalists actually want a United ireland

Just over a third of Northern voters want a referendum on Irish unity. If one was held, just 32 per cent would vote in favour of unity, while 45 per cent would vote against. The number in favour of unity rises to 58 per cent among voters from a Catholic background, with 18 per cent against and 24 per cent who say they don’t know.

But yea, a no deal Brexit might shift that