The EU…if the UK crash out the integrity of the single market has to be maintained and as a member state of the EU we will be obliged to police the border on our side…if we refuse the EU will place a border in the sea between us and France/mainland Europe…

Now maybe another solution in a hard exist could be found…but what? Experts have had 2 years to come up with one but can’t…


I said that all along, no deal = hard border. It’s a no brainer. Anyone who doesn’t get that by now is not paying attention. The Uk will be required to have checks going the other way by WTO rules.


Brits looking to out monover the EU on the irish boarder, it doesn’t matter that this is totally unacceptable by any trade standards they will blame the EU on boarder now.



Always their plan


You’d think Sammy and Nigel of all fùcking people would understand what the word No means.


A hard Brexit will destroy the British economy like ours of course. It’s unthinkable the commons, the majority bar the far right in the Tory Party and DUP who oppose a hard Brexit, won’t take it off the statue books over the next few days.

What’s written above by a previous poster is correct I think. Hard Brexit equals hard border.

Also by failing the approve the deal the UK in a hard Brexit would be reneging on their commitments to the Good Friday Agreement. I’d imagine there would be a legal challenge.


Yerman Dominic Grieve, the tory who seems to be leading the middle ground of the tory party, is the former Uk Attorney General and he says no deal is unlawful for that very reason.

They were always going to blame the EU, whatever happens, not enough of the public are going to fall for it of course.The problem is, and this could well lead to an election, that labour are still in the “must respect the result of the referendum” mode or that they could achieve the unicorn and sun light upland deal that is impossible.





Yeah, Saipan was sort of unpleasant for all concerned. This is more like the fall of Saigon for the Brits though.


Nadhim Zahawi, Barry Gardiner and Ian Junior… not compassion or brain cells between them three.


Sammy’s head might actually explode :grin::grin::grin:


Sammy might not want that but 70% of the population of Northern Ireland prefer that to a hard border.


So much for not wanting Johnny Foreigner intervening in British politics




Seems odd to announce it though?