It was Friday, my fault there, here’s the clip of the UK election coverage - its at the end

For the first hour we focused on the UK election result as we awaited Theresa May’s 10am speech at 10 Downing St. which never came. She will now go to the Queen at Buckingham Palace at 12.30 today to seek permission to form a Government.

We spoke to: Paul Mason, Former Economics Editor Ch4 & BBC Newsnight, Phillip Blond, Former Special Advisor to David Cameron, Laura Perrins, Co-Editor of The Conservative Woman, Andrew Bridgen, Conservative MP, Richard Boyd Barrett, Solidarity People Before Profit TD, Noel Whelan, Commentator and Columnist, Niamh Lyons, Political Editor, The Times – Ireland Edition, Stephen Donnelly, F.F. Brexit Spokesperson, Charlie Flanagan, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ella Whelan, Assistant Editor Spiked Online (Pro Brexit), John Redwood, Conservative MP, and Eamon Mallie, Journalist.


Spiked Online seem to be a bit up themselves:

Spiked Online is an online mouthpiece for the libertarian LM group. The site was set up by former Living Marxism editor Mick Hume

Spiked opposes all restrictions to immigration and freedom of movement, favouring entirely open international borders. It regards policies of multiculturalism as government-sanctioned cultural segregation masquerading as tolerance, which unhealthily overemphasise differences between people. Other notable positions of Spiked are their opposition to the post-9/11 invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and Western interference in developing nations in general.[12][13][14] It seeks to counter what it sees as a recent trend in Western foreign policy: humanitarian intervention.[15]

Some have said that Spiked’s stance has more in common with libertarianism than with the mainstream left.[16]


You could well be right about Spiked, but it was funny and long overdue to give the usual RTE panel a ’ punch to the nose’ .


deffo - will have a listen in a bit - yerman whelan thinks he’s the schniz.


I’ve read Spiked from time to time and at least it gives us some interesting viewpoints. It’s basically UK although I presume the editor Brendan O’Neill would qualify to play for us. RTE has the same dreary bores droning on every time. Would you want to listen to any of them in a pub? They’d sour your pint.
Newstalk and Today fm at least try something different - Matt Cooper and Hook before he went to lunchtime were good to switch from one to the other. RTE Drivetime always seems boring and safe in contrast.


Can we just give them Kerry and their fucking army of ex players that have taking over the media? No? Gooch meet Arlene.


The DUP talking about bringing stability to ‘the nation’. Lulz.


Downing Street welcomes the DUP


wonder if we can get a nice acronym for the




Brilliant !


They just keep coming…


Creationists. Enuff said, as they say.


with a penchant for the old gay reversion therapy.

bless them


Bless us all.


No party up here is without criticism…but the fundamentalist in the DUP take the biscuit…

An Environment Minister that thinks climate change is a hoax.

A Social Development Minister that believes the earth is 6000 years old and petitioned the Ulster museum to have an alternative stand to dispute science.

A Health Minister that banned blood transfusions from gay people

I could go on and on…


Can’t see how this could cause any problems…


Sounds like Trump’s cabinet.

DUP have agreed to support the Tories in a supply and confidence agreement.


You are joking. Feck me bible bashers are thick.


Great way to kickstart the troubles yea. Feckin genius.