We are living through historical times here…the DUP want to stay in the Stone Age…in 50 years from now I think this will be looked back as an own goal for unionism on this island…good riddance


We have reached the kinetic phase of the car crash.

or as ivan yeats put it yesterday, we’re watching the neighbours burn their house down.




The German foreign office coming out with that is like a red rag to the little Englanders


Defeated by 149 votes


Another vote tomorrow which is bascially exit with no deal or seek and extension.

My guess is an extension will be requested from th EU and this whole bloody and frankly boring mess at this stage will rumble on for months to come…


Of course


European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Tuesday that the U.K. would have to participate in the European election if it was still going to be a member of the EU beyond May.

“If the U.K. were to stay beyond May, as a member of the EU it must organize the European election,” Juncker said in a speech in Germany’s regional parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg. “The treaty is the treaty and this is what it says.”



Imagine the UK having to hold EUropean elections…it would be a total farce. Bet it is consuming the entire UK…is anything else getting done?


Ordinary people there are sick of it all, I’d say they never talk about it


Total shitshow.


Friend of mine lives over there, she says no one talks about it because it’s like Saipan, families falling out over it, so easier to say nothing.



Iain Duncan Smith can’t even spell his own name it would appear :joy:


Apparently the British government are to publish their plans tomorrow ahead of the vote…this will include their vision for the border…

Ireland will be given 2 choices by the EU…hard border on this island or a border between the entire island and the EU…so this would mean checks carried out here and/or France for example…so bascially cuts us off from the EU (kind of)…this could really effect us badly


■■■■ that - will we be in the commonwealth games as well


Where are you seeing this ?


Just listening to commentators on both sides…what I’ve said of course is not fact but what is being debated and speculated


That’s the uk’s offer for us? Screw that shit.

I’d be astonished if that were to happen.

Oh in the event of no deal? Fair choice I suppose, hard border thanks.