Hope the f-in-law is right when he says the rural vote will turn against the DUP.

The DUP are going against the advice of the CBI, Manufacturing NI, NI Retail, Ulster Farmers Union, NI tourism and the chief Civil Sevant for NI.

Pretty crazy.

At least I’ve the win on Sat to cheer me up.



But, but, but wait they will have their Union. Their glorious Union. Their British union, oh no, I’m British they say smugly. Their precious British Union, what more would a knuckle dragging bigoted bottle of pox want to achieve in life?

Fixed that for ya Purdy Boy.


I need a laugh.

I really hope the conservatives turn on the DUP after this.

Sammy Wilson’s attitude sums it up…fu*k the consequences of a No deal so long as they have their new blue passports.

Wait until the financial institutions, car and aerospace manufacturers pull out of the UK.

Ps. the Dubs winning will simply add to the misery of living with these DUP halfwits. Jim G…have a heart!


You a Dub now Daller :grin:


Jim G don’t do Carlsberg. As for Wee Sammy red boy and his blue passport, well he is welcome to it. The horrible fuckwit.


Mods delete that ! High treason.

Well by the time I go down on Sat…this sterling might be worth frig all.

Listening to the radio and they reckon the markets will nosedive after an expected No vote.


The chances are that if there’s an election tomorrow, the DUP will probably hold their vote.

But how on earth do their voters not see how reckless their actions are. The DUP are pretty much ignoring the advice of the business and farming community.

It’ll almost need job losses before the penny drops.


Well one would ask why would anyone vote for that party unless they are knuckle dragging bigoted bottle of poxes…

Whats the chances of any of the other parties gaining ground if there is an election?


It defies logic.

Part of me thinks non-core DUP voters might vote for the UUP or even Alliance…especially if it’s a hard Brexit…but then they’ve a loyal support base so wouldn’t be surprised if their vote held up.

It would nearly need Bombardier or one of the other big employers to pull out.


The polling last week would suggest that the DUP are pissing a lot of people off.


Here’s hoping.

If you combine that with RHI…that has slipped under the radar a bit…I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some
electoral pay back.


Two-thirds of all voters (67 per cent) say the DUP is doing a bad job of representing Northern Ireland at Westminster, while 69 per cent of people – including 57 per cent of those from a Protestant background – are dissatisfied with DUP leader Arlene Foster.


:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: for both Sammy and Nigel in particular to have “Portillo” moments



Never saw that. Interesting polling figures.

The DUP can afford to sail close to the wind because the worst hasn’t happened.

But if it does - and people’s lives are impacted - they’ll have serious questions to answer why they ignored all the advice from pretty much everyone.

A special place in hell indeeed…


In the House of Commons today, SNP MP Peter Grant described Arlene Foster as ‘the first Minister of nowhere’.


Hand that man a year’s free supply of tasty Tyrone pudding.


Wasn’t that stuff decommissioned and buried beyond reach for infinity, and indeed, beyond, as part of the bi-cultural cross border institutional agreement? So you can’t even be attacked with it on a…Good Friday?


Well the way sterling is headed…we could be bartering in chickens and eggs…and puddings.

Listening to the news. They reckon the vote will go ahead.

Like watching a car crash.