According to Reuters, Cox has played ball. I’d be surprised if he hadn’t. However, he probably does not go far enough. It’s only a fig leaf for the DUP and ERG anyway. I still think her deal will not go through.


His reply to claim he wasn’t


Is that the legal terminology?



Can’t disagree with this


Not going to wash with the erg I suspect, or the DUP


I wonder what the odds are of May resigning tonight. Must be shortening. I can’t see any way out for her now.





Perfectly put




In a huge shock to nobody


That’s that then, unless the maybot has managed to lure some labour votes over with her funding pledges.

So then on to the delay vote and the get rid of no deal vote. That’s where it gets interesting. EU official said last night that if they vote for the impossible, we’re looking at no deal by default.


But hey Blue Passports



I mean who would have thought that car manufacturers would need clarity this far out before the deadline. :roll_eyes: