Sounds like a fudge that will get shot down tomorrow.


Must be a big fudge to get all our ministers to delay their Paddys Day junkets




Can’t see this getting through Westminster as it changes nothing substantial, merely clarifies how things will work. UK still can’t leave the backstop unilaterally and it was always envisioned that alternative options would be looked for (hence it being a backstop and not a default starting point).



One trillion holy ■■■■.


Yep, been saying that for awhile,1% of their entire tax take has gone. ireland doing quite well out it, with 5k jobs moved already.


Shhhh don’t tell them nothing has changed



Grand. So they want to argue semantics while trillions of pounds walk out of the country.


There are no other options based on may’s red lines, She refused to change her demands so there are no other options. it’s all really that simple.

They thought, like some one here, that we’d end up under the bus. Impressed with the eu’s solidarity on this.


Listening to Gove you would believe the have thrown us under the bus with the legal guarantee while he is a lier and the withdrawal agreement hasn’t changed the joint legal opinion is also binding. Ireland expected to keep quite while these extremists mouth off. It’s going to be a tough few weeks being Irish.

Edit; just now Leo stated if either party shows bad faith the agreement falls. The UK will not stick to this arrangement.





Releasing their own unilateral declaration to run alongside the joint statement. Arseholes.

Mind you I will wait to see the fine print of what was agreed last night, anyone thinking the EU won’t give the UK something at our expense is very naive.


Ah stop ffs. Everyone is saying nothing has changed. The EU has nothing to gain by giving them anything especially given their antics since they joined


The reason they cannot be given anything is that May’s red lines make that impossible.


Exactly. They want to leave customs union and single market and strike their own trade deals. The Americans want full access to their food markets. Meaning hormone-laced beef and chicken so poor it has to be washed in chemicals for human consumption is allowed into their market. How can you allow that and not have checks between NI and Ireland (not justs topping smuggling of this cheap food between NI and ROI but on into the EU? The red lines are incompatible with no checks and no ammount of wishful thinking is going to stop that. If May gets her deal through this pretty obvious can will be kicked down the road again.

The only logical solution is that suggested by the EU = to have checks in ports between NI and GB, but the DUP have managed to turn that into a flag waving NOOOOO exercise despite 70% of the population of NI preferring that to a land border.