They have literally lost the plot, it’s like they’re trying to out mental each other.


The most ardent Brexiteer would surely recognise that Galloway is wrong on everything.


Even by Tory standards this is a god awful depressing list.


Painful reading on a Monday morning.


Think you’ll find it’s the other way round you Old Etonian oaf


A leadership list of dopey coonts. no one serious politician in the entire list.

Yerman Ian Dunt is a bit of craic.



ah ffs, the hold the referendum as a one off must be obeyed vote even when admitting in court that the leave campaigns broke the law and yet she can faff around endlessly with her bloody deal.

Fascinating poll in the irish times last week showing 70% of people in NI prefer cecks at ports to on the border but May is so weakened that she has to tow the DUP line. Huge majority unhappy with the DUPs handling of Brexit as well.

Another interesting result from the poll was the figures for a united ireland, a long way off if this poll is in any way accurate. 32% for unity 45% against



It has already been destroyed.


Hints of a deal in the offing.


Any deal that does not time limit the backstop will not pass in Westminster. Any deal that does cannot be acceptable in Ireland


I won’t be surprised if the EU throw us under a bus. We don’t really matter too much to them.


if it allows the brits to leave the customs union but ties the north to the eu when this happens, i’d be happy enough- the angrier arlene and the cholestrol brothers are, the happier i am. i think most in britain and ireland would be happy with that, aside from the neandrathals of course and a few of the toffee elements in the south who want to rejoin the commonwealth.


70% in the north back that solution.



Nonsense. If they throw us under a bus then it’s all over for them. Hasn’t been sight nor sound of them doing it.


Can’t see it either, it’ll be some fudge.


We will have to say a novena for John bruton so