dont know why they keep going on about the border poll - they won’t win it.


If you end up in bed with Arlene and friends you know you’ve f**ked up royally …


Just when you think the delusions might have been taken out of NI politics the DUP hold power in Westminster. This could be a major setback, the Tories have proven repeatedly they couldn’t give a shite about Ireland, north or south.


The kingmaker being the person who is the single, biggest obstacle to a government being formed in Northern Ireland.


A parade down the Garvaghy Road every day of July possibly the opening gambit. The Tories would concede that no bother … strange territory here …


Worrying alright.


Amnesty for the Security Forces will be on their list.


Indeed. It’s not as if the last government were really buying into the requirements anyway, adds these regressive loons to the mix…


They might ask for Monaghan, Cavan and Donegal.


Take Laois and get Longford free




Throw in Leitrim as well


Can you imagine Leo, may and foster negotiating border strategies. Jesus wept


Dim & feckin dimer


Holy f*ck. The Tories (of May and Boris) and their friends and allies in the DUP(ffs!) running the UK.

Let that sink in.

The world is absurd.

Amazed nobody has seriously analysed or theorised on how we arrived at this, Brexit, Trump etc.


Apparently the most googled word in the U.K. Today was DUP. I hope they’re happy to have a bunch of homophobic religious nutters propping up the U.K. Government. Close pubs on sundays etc.


The DUP have so many fundamentalists amongst their ranks they make Donald Trump look liberal.

Some of the views of their MPs going to London for talks…

creationism should be promoted in public places including museums…(as Darwinism is wrong).
homosexuality / LGBT is sinful
sport shouldn’t be played on Sunday
climate change is a ‘con’ - yes, Sammy Wilson actually said that when he was Environment Minister
’Curry my yoghurt’: Gregory Campbell taking the pi** out of the Irish language

A pile of wing nuts.


Was just saying the same thing to a couple of mates earlier. The people are not being served by the political classes. Democracy …




The corrupting influence of money, nobody has principles that can’t be bought.