JRM’s parents must have been very frugal, buying him a coat he could take threee years growing into.


Cannot stand that Kate Hoey geebag. There isn’t an ounce of socialism in her. Her membership of the Labour Party should have long been rescinded.


Of course the thick cùnts never saw themselves as “immigrants” they’re merely “ex-pats”

Hope they all get turfed out of Spain




Fine perfectly fine


Liam Fox has so far completed 4 new trade deals for the UK to take effect after Brexit. His aim was for 40. Bluffer and spoofer of the highest order.


Anyone worth trading with is going to see what the final outcome of Brexit is and then ride them in negotiations when they see how weak their position is. Japan said as much already that they won’t get the same deal as the EU did


One of those is the Faroe Islands.


He probably misheard it as the Pharaoh Islands.


Japan refusing to give them the same terms of they have in the EU. USA congress threatening to block a deal if they UK breaks GFA.



he hsnt changed so.


These Brexiteers will manipulate and decieve to their last breath.


Pyramid scheme


He’s in The Nile.



4k + Jobs


13,000 jobs and generally these job are in places which can ill afford job losses. Not to mention all the support services for these factories etc.


Fcuk them. Literally. We’re told May is delivering the Brexit they voted for. This is it.