Oh buuuurn ! :fire: :fire: :fire:


It’s a beaut, positively flamethrowers the wagon.



Brexit really is like something out of The Day Today


Great job everyone


Unionist reward for loyalty


DUP probably suggested the location …


They wouldn’t dare!

(Would they?)


They’ll do anything for their ‘precious union’


Probably and its a new industry post brexit when the farming is fooked.



David McWilliams: The policy that saved the rich and screwed the young (via @IrishTimes)
“As a result, all over the world the young are moving to the left. In the UK this shift has been most dramatic. Research shows that if only the votes of the under-25s were counted in the last UK general election, not a single Tory would have won a seat.”
That is quite incredible.


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Not much of a surprise. Most people are that way inclined when they’re young. They see the left as the cool, liberal, free thinking side and anyone who strays slighly to the right is pure evil. Then they finish college and enter the real world. If the world worked like that where everybody voted left or right society would break down. You need a bit from both sides, previously known as the centre, which appears to have disappeared off the face of earth. Is there actually any real centrist parties anymore?


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Cheers TBF, always a very interesting read is David


Thank god he’s dropped the weird penchant he has for tagging every cohort with a ridiculous label.


Watching that , i think the lack of political satire on british TV ensured Brexit happened , imagine what spitting image would have made of it ??? They would have had a field day !!!


Great story.