I wondered Sven-Göran Eriksson had got to.


Yeah they wouldn’t last long in bandit country isn’t that right @Rufus_T_Firefly



Fox might want his own face to be unrecognised in a few weeks …



Wow, was that really 23 years ago? Some of the quips at the time were hilarious.

Apparently the frontal shots confirmed why he was known as “Wee Sammy” … with the Sunday World using the tiniest of bowler hats to cover his bits. …

…but then, Paisley was known as “Big Ian”


Wee Sammy Red Face. Fitting.


Proving Tusk’s point once again


The EU must be exasperated at this stage. Whatever happens - deal or no deal Brexit, or whatever kind of fudge - the UK have utterly destroyed their reputation and any goodwill towards them.


Group of Democrats telling UK to sort their shit out if they want a trade deal with the USA after Brexit.

Astonishing that May and now Corbyn are proceeding with this while there are several findings that leave campaigns broke electoral law and there’s a number of investigations into where their financing came from. Any sensible government would pause until those findings are released as it is very probable that the funding came indirectly from Russia.


Corbyn’s carry on is absolutely outrageous. Refusing to represent the views of the vast majority of MPs in his party.



Not just MPs but party membership. His whole thing was supposed to be that he’d listen to the membership.




More working class heroes. Is it any wonder they are totally detached from reality. What f**ker paid him that much ffs.