If Labour had kept Diane Abbott off the TV they might have won a good few more seats. Some of the margins were tiny.


A former chief investment officer with JP Morgan says the potential influence the DUP will wield could benefit the entire island of Ireland.

Rob O’Rahilly said we are now in a deep period of uncertainty and in a hung parliament, he said the political right wing “will have to give concessions to the DUP”.

He told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland that the DUP manifesto which aims for a soft Brexit and frictionless border with the Republic for ease of movement and access to Europe’s markets for goods, capital and labour, adding that where the borders are ultimately set is the big question for Ireland.

The chap obviously has no idea how fucking spiteful the Unionists can be


But their voters are farmers…


True but don’t forget the bigotry of the likes of Gregory Campbell.


some bitter wee hoors in their ranks for sure but that works both ways i guess.

I think hard brexit is dead after this, or certainly May’s “no deal” brexit bullsh1t is dead anyways.


Theresa May: ‘we need a period of stability’.

She said last night/ this morning, with Lord Buckethead (249 votes) and Elmo (votes unknown) in the background.


Paul Nutall resigns as UKIP leader


Cameron no doubt balls deep in a pigs head right now chuckling to himself. Hung parliament does not lend itself to support a hard brexit


You never know. When Labour elected Corbyn as leader, everyone said putting such a Leftie Loony in the top job, would virtually hand the Tories every election on a platter, for the next 10 years, or however long he was leader. He’s having the last laugh now. Same could happen with Boris. Unlikely, but you never know.


True, but it appeared that the Corbyn persona was assigned to him without any real demonstrable evidence to back it up. And has been disproven to a degree.

Boris has proven himself to be a clown (pretty much anytime he opens his mouth), utterly without principle (his Brexit flip flop) and politically inept (allowing Gove usurp him right at his defining moment).


Agreed Tommy. The Cornyn persona as demonstrated by the mail express and Murdoch press appears to be a myth.


They do that, don’t they? I think they enjoy the drama.


Their press are a disgrace. Apparently murdoch stormed out of the election party when he saw the exit poll. scumbag.


Hard to comprehend that the SDLP have been wiped out.


Really. They’re no longer the party with a Mallon or Hume


ah i know, just the role they played in the peace process etc - wiped out is a bit harsh.


They lack leadership let’s just say.


SDLP would be best off merging with Irish Labour or FF. Better resources to fight elections


Well predicted…


SF are edging their way towards a border poll but I reckon they too feel it’s too early. There are a number of swing seats in and around Belfast that they will target over the next couple of elections as demographics continue to shift. Win those seats, which will be inevitably be to the detriment of Unionists parties and they will have the political clout to call for one as they will edge closer to the biggest share of the vote. If the North goes under post Brexit, which it probably will, they will have their perfect storm.

I don’t agree with their abstentionist policy as it only serves a singular purpose and ignores social issues but there is no way they will break it now.

SF will probably hope this Tory/ DUP alliance goes ahead so they can hang it around Forsters neck if it fails. But a Tory majority and a hard Brexit probably suited SF more as the success of the Northern State isn’t high on their agenda. At this stage given the internal dissent within the Tories that is unlikely unless Europe now strangles them. Its cold politics but the prospect of a united ireland was nowhere before Brexit. Now it is at the very least probable.