I have said all along that we would get extra funding if it’s a No deal - EU will be keen that we aren’t seen to suffer. All for one and one for all etc (except the Polish guy)


You have, I just didn’t think it would actually happen, apparently already did in Estonia & Latvia when Russia banned some products.


Think you’re on to it Tommy. The fudge we’ve been waiting all this time for, the game’s afoot Watson


Apparently the ads are still running





Quelle Surprise Gammon Face deliberately ignoring Tusk’s entire quote


Oh our ‘flegs’ our precious union… our chippy chip chips… oh I would off loved to see how red hypertension boys face went when he heard that.


Tessie visiting Dublin on Friday evening


Hen night maybe?


Political asylum?


A visit to Leos Burdocks? With Sammy red face?

Id say the fucker would have plenty of crispy bits with his fish.


Speaking of crispy bits…


Possibly but I think by introducing the notion of funding to offset the impact of Brexit they are putting the idea of it on the table, bringing it into the conversation. It’s only a short hop from funding to offset no deal Brexit to granting that funding to offset the impacts of some form of border, whatever form May can manage to get through Westminster.


She’s applied for an Irish Passport under the Granny rule



Jaysus she looks rough for 30 :grimacing:


I’d say loads of people needed counselling after seeing wee Samuel like that!


Should it not be Tóireasa Ó’Bealtaine? :thinking:


Frank Abagnale, is that you? :slight_smile: