Indeed. They are always knocking things and saying NO. Bunch of effing dinosaurs. Hope they get rode out of town next election.



True enough. Imagine with 70 days to go they’re setting up a working group to discuss alternatives to the backstop … sufferin jaysus … really all they’re doing is coming up with some half baked idea, which when the EU says “WTF NO” they can blame Brussels for not compromising.


The brits think they are the closest to the the USA…and that the US would back them no matter what…they are about to get a reality check


Come on now we can’t be giving Enda any attempted credit…


Surely to fcuk we’re not that desperate to qualify …


That was obvious from day one to every one bar the Brexiteers.


Not on my watch. I wouldn’t be patting enda Kenny’s head now if I met him. And I know he likes to have his head patted. The best little man to pat’s ones head on.


If anyone but Trump lived in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Brits would have been quietly told to cop on, long before now. However when the president is a window-licker who considers Farage to be a decent sort of chap, that doesn’t help, really.


True but Trade deals have to be ratified by Congress afaik


Reminds me of when I first ran for election to our Executive. First I was afraid then I was ratified.


Nail on head. Ah well, at least he hasn’t sent Donald Jr over to broker a peace deal. So that’s something to be thankful for I suppose…:roll_eyes:


American business is eyeing up the NHS. Their farmers are licking their lips at full access to the Uk markets. None of which will be popular.


America under Trump has made a massive bid to get the UK out of the EU in order to gain bigly from trade. In that context they would have very much shafted Ireland in the process.
The balance of power having shifted a bit since the interim elections has brought the Irish/EU influence back into the game. Question is whether it’s game over or very much in the balance. UK has to make their play very shortly or will they manage to string it out longer somehow waiting to see what America is looking like as they head towards their next presidential?



“Failing Grayling” A nickname Donnie would be proud of :clap:


Genuinely did not see this coming


They already gave us 11billion thats just sitting there what else do we want :roll_eyes:


Hmmn… May shifts her position (although it’s hard to understand if she has a position, and/ or will honour it) and the EU agree funding for Ireland. Something brewing.


I think not. Why would you link the two? They cannot buy their way around the border.


Spidey senses


It is funding for Ireland if there is a no deal Brexit. The only things it would signal is that the EU reckons there will be no deal or that they are trying to scare the UK into thinking that the EU is willing to accept that there will be no deal (and therefore won’t be for turning in any negotiations).