not very helpful commentary, we need to do what’s right, so if that means there’s an alternative solution (can’t think of one) we should look at it, if it gets us past the impasse then good, the political optics arent important.


Dont knid yourself they know there isnt an alternatives, this is about dominance and lookinh for a scape goat.


True enough. we came up with a plan and the bad old EU said no.


Intresting SF seems to have used their US influence to outflank the Tories


Not just the Shinners tbf.


Woah. that’s a potential game changer. They’ll be desperate for a deal with the USA after Brexit (and all that comes with it, US is already eyeing up the NHS, even Farage was saying the other day that the NHS should be replaced by US style health insurance … not sure Brexiteers voted for that.


Oh really Arlene


Looks to me like everyone bar the Brexiteers have been working the Americans whilst the Brexiteers have been too busy being asleep at the wheel


Oh Lawd …



A better use of their time and influence than taking their seats in Westminster I would imagine.



So no customs union, no to backstop and yet

Make your mind up Tessie


Unsaleable more like …


i didnt want to crash my car but steering it off the road was a red line.





No U-Turn on the backstop? WTF? Man seriously, they dont seem to understand the basics here. You are threatening to crash out = hard border. you wont entertain customs union OR customs checks in ports, so there has to be something ye daft bint.


These are just words at this stage. She might as well be saying a Ford Focus should never be put in a trifle. It really means fcuk all but as long as she is saying it and the DUP and that brainless party of hers as well as enough of the rest of the United Idiotdom take it at the face value it can’t be taken at then we can all continue to ride those great pink unicorns through those enormous fluffy clouds.