So nissan warned of having to move production from the uk in the event of a hard brexit and it was dismissed as project fear by the likes of Mogg. Now Missan are moving production elsewhere and Mogg says it’s nothing to do with Brexit. Despite the company saying otherwise. how do these people have any credibility left. It’s the same sh1theap as trump. Just lie and spoof to a degree that people don’t seem to know how to handle it.

Interesting trail done in america recently, they got a bunch of people to give up social media for a month and found that they were generally happier with their lives and also their political opinions were moved to the center more then before the trail. The ecco chamber of social media is the only way these chancers get away with this level of deceit.


Interesting comment from someone on social media :wink:


ha. i know!


And then there’s this.

“The RoI left our Union in 1922 after 121 years of being part of the family. We should now ask them to reconsider their position within both the UK & EU as a way of solving the current impasse over the Irish border issue that is holding up the Withdrawal Agreement. Britain & Ireland stronger together”


“left our Union”.

That’s a tad understated.


The family. :roll_eyes:


It’s actually impressive. I can’t actually count the number of things to take offense at, nor rank them in terms of offensiveness, in just a few short sentences.


It’s just a shame there isn’t a comments section.


“121 years” ?

Gets out fingers and toes…

Yeah, I know the Act of Union is technically a thing n’all…but Christ on a bike like. Where do you even fucking start ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I wonder why?




Even as a former ukip lick spittle, to actually contradict yourself in the same sentence is pretty good going


Good news for a change

… sorry just realised it is a report by a “think tank” in London.




The Manson’s were a family too


And what a family …


Lol but come on man stop changing my comments