Sensible idea?


i meant listening on the sly to our deliberations or brussels’ deliberations, as in surveillance, whether human or electronic.


The people of Sunderland need to remember they voted for this and were warned before hand that stuff like this was a huge possibility


Smashing work Jezza. I’m sure it’s just all part of a cunning plan that’s as cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor Of Cunning at Oxford University


He always said he would do what the membership wanted, which was to back a people’s vote if they could not get an election. election has been shot down, so, time to back a peoples vote like a huge percentage of labour voters & members want. But jezzer has changed his tune and seems to be facilitating Mays brexit. So he’s only pro democracy in the labour party if the party agrees with him. The hypocrisy is hilarious.

Nissan have said they wont be building a new model in sunderland as planned, looks like the wind down of their uk operations is starting.

And Corbyn sits on his hands and looks like helping may get her brexit while posting videos on twitter about the terrible number 21 bus service.not a vote winning look.


Again with the WWII jingoistic bollox while ironically forgetting the amount of non British that fought and flew for them in 1940 in particular



Lord bless you guv’nor. They really do have an uncanny ability to pull WW2 metaphors out of their arses in hysterically irrelevant comparisons. You’d get more sense out of Del Boy. :roll_eyes:


Looks like a claw back for the SNP if that’s reliable. No stopping English Nationalism at this point it would appear. I’d be surprised if the union lasts another 10 years.


Sometimes turkeys do vote for Christmas



When you put it like that :yum:


Par for the course with these pricks

Reminds me of this Character from The Fast Show


Turn warships into replacement ferries? Assumes the French, Belgians and Dutch authorities will allow them to dock in commercial ports


There’s a whole host of issues, they’ve lost the plot.


Stage one, denial.


Saruman at Helms Deep?

:joy: :joy: :joy:


Interesting stuff. One thing some of those ex-pats don’t seem to have considered is if Spanish nationalism were to take hold the way British nationalism has in the UK, if the EU breaks up. Also I’d like to know why an ex-pat in the EU would support Brexit, but it seems the question wasn’t asked.


Look at the comments section on that article, they are asking the same question


And quelle surprise the MP for the 18th Century is dusting his hands off this and pinning the blame elsewhere