This is good …


Well la dee bleeding da…look who reads the FT while Jeeves parks the Roller.


Whoa! Does not everybody read the FT??? You jest?!?!?!


My record speaks for itself… well apart from one Bernie Madoff thing


It wants me to register to read. What’s the gist of it?


Everything we say basically - it’s just unusual for an English guy to be saying it!


Itv seem to have much more balance then BBC on brexit


channel 4 even



Liam Fox repeatedly says that trade deals will be easier yet he has agreed very few deals in his time as International Trade Secretary. The man is a serial spoofer.


I don’t know but anything is possible, altered interpretations, shifted goalposts, we’re living in the era that has redefined what is ‘truth’, ‘factual’, ‘real’ and constitutional, amongst other things.


That’s the usual thing of people buying up because of the forecast of snow. And/or someone took a photo at the end of the stock week, possibly an employee after hours



More false indignation and blaming the EU bad guys. No doubt it will be lapped up by the bristling Brexit bulldogs.







Just heard a vox pop on radio one in Ireland (and Northern Ireland) where the majority of people asked had no clue what the backstop is. Astonishing level of ignorance/disengagement from what’s going on. This has the potential to seriously harm our economy in less then two months …

No deal brexit is still the default unless an alternative course can be set.