Accounts will be filled in ireland and the entity has substance, already saving as moving from uk. No Cayman transfer pricing or hedgfund accounting tricks. That said I’ll let you know In 2 years when the 1st full fillings occur :grin:


Brits always use the tactic of divide and conquer. Did they ever pull out of anywhere without leaving a civil war behind them?


They might be heading for another one themselves … :scream:


This toss pot was Brexit secretary and couldn’t be arsed reading all 40 pages of the GFA.


Sweet Jebus


With the likes of you hanging around the thing will go to the wall in a fortnight.




You wonder if the bad old days come back would anything happen to these people.


given that the brits admitted (had to) that the car used for driving mc guinness and adams around during the GFA negotiations was bugged electronically, that the driver himself was a tout, that they have been the undoubted masters of intelligence gathering for centuries and that they have shown how untrustworthy they are by trying to renege on the 2 deals mentioned above, do people feel they are negotiating in good faith? obviously, i’d be very doubtful.


Hell no.

They wouldn’t know good faith if it bit them on their flabby arse.


Would that be Sammy’s flabby arse ? :thinking:





maybe i should rephrase: what’s the chances the f88kers are listening to what’s being said here or in brussels? high, medium or low.


They’ll listen to Brussels long before they’ll ever listen to us. They carry a bigger stick. When push comes to shove, we’ll always be the ignorant Paddys who should just know our place.


The whole European project is at stake here. This is 27v1. Any dilution or deviation from that position undermines the whole Union. This is something the Brits either don’t get - or don’t want to get. Mind you some here are like that too.


If I made a poles apart pun, would it get deleted? :thinking:


Don’t think they paid the €5 subscription to ResDubs…


Turns out they do have alternatives to the backstop :thinking:


Oh FFS !

Yes. Let’s give up our sovereign right to determine who/when/where we pay or collect taxes to the Brits again. Because that worked out oh so well the last time. Common Commercial “Partnership” my arse !