no longer owned by Nama through the Irish tax payer. but thats a different political discussion.




Ukip collapse the real wild card here.


Nah the results from the local elections last month suggested it was on the cards


SNP is an interesting aside here. Look like taking major losses. Second referendum obviously not hugely appealing to the Scots …


bookies stopped taking bets on rudd’s consituency. Reckon she’s brown bread.


Meh they took nearly every seat in Scotland last time. Was always likely they 'd lose some still reckon they’ll have 40+ out of 58 seats which is still fairly substantial


Some talking about a rejection of Blairism and a shift back to the Left … bs IMO. A rejection of all things Tory more like with Labour picking up the benefits by just being there …


salmond losing a seat is massive.


agreed. Blair still a murderous scumbag though.


Yep A lot of it more to do with how fucking awful the Tories have been


Classic case of an ex bigwig out to grass taking things for granted. I’d say if he knocked even two doors it was looking for a pint after hours …


red swings starting to come in.


first labour gain in Scotland. 16% drop in snp.


bbc suggesting cleggs seat for labour. things getting interesting.


This actually looks like the exit poll may be wrong and that Lab have won even more that the projection!


Looking like YouGov’s final poll is on the money. Had the Tories short by 20+


I’d take another 5 off Tories total and give them straight to Labour.


so far. looks like any fist fight for a seat without a ukip candidate doing well is a great shout for labour. anywhere theres a ukip candidate with a drop could go either way.
Conservative majority starting to look difficult.


Yea, looks like the kippers have gone back to labour. Going to be close at this rate