They won’t, I hope.


hard to call the election based on the ukip drop in Sunderland going to the tories. I think tories will be there or thereabouts. but this is massive for labour and massive for the EU come the brexit negotiations.
if there isnt 50 plus seat tory majority she’s done ucked up. and I’ll happily see the geebags head on a stump.


May is still fucked even with that.


doesnt matter Ted. I’d rather them in small majority than have DUP in coalition. Its Mays head irrespective.


If the numbers fell a certain way and SF had a say in it but refused to participate it would leave them exposed in RoI politics in terms of Brexit at least


Amber Rudd gone to amber, red.


they’re not playing. they’re kinda irrelevant. I think we have to be worried about DUP getting into goverment here. thats my fear.


Yeah but if they don’t play but could it undermines their Brexit pronunciations in the South. DUP not a great vista but the budget would shoot up - which should be in everyone’s favour you would think.


not to sound obtuse. But SF members taking seat in parliment would destroy them as a political movement. Its akin to Mandela supporting apartheid.


Absolutely but it could be damaging here.


I would say the average Sinn Fein voter in the south cares very little about Brexit.

Youth turn out vital now. if the large turnout and the youth turnout swing labour towards 300… hmm.
Kettering result interesting there. No Ukip candidate and get 3 point swing to labour.


Could go either way. But one thing is clear it’s a disaster for May.

SF cannot take seats in Westminster, irrespective of how it looks/ plays.

Lab making gains in affluent London areas too, the Brexit effect more likely.


based on your one laura kuenssberg face. not a great tory night. She’s a pissy lipped blueblood geebag


Still wouldn’t kick her out of bed though :+1:


As SF continues to move towards the centre that’s where the damage could be done. Stasis.

There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to the swings at this stage in the UK. If anything it is predictably unpredictable but it is clear it is going to be a better night for Labour than the Tories. May’s raison d’etre for calling the election will be roundly rejected.


And yet… BBC showing Tory vote consistently underrepresented in the exit polls as per 8 declared results so far.


interesting discussion there about the revenge of the remainers there. Young vote still the big question mark here. May is probably fucked


Nick Robinson saying the Tories look to have lost Battersea.

Guess you could say they’ve gone to the dogs…


Indeed :joy:

It ain’t no power station for them any more …


Labour looking like they could nick Clegg’s seat …