Used to feel sorry for her but actually she was poison as Home Secretary and has actually ploughed on with her definition of Brexit (anti FOM) as the only thing she cares about. Sod her, she should have tried to bring people along with her instead of taking the ball and going on a solo run.

Meanwhile this is the foreign secretary

Ffs they are a dangerously out of their depth,


Theresa May is no lassie …


This lady responds to such a daft view point better then I ever could.


She put that across very well indeed.


Well said the woman, is she wearing a yellow jacket?


Not with those shoes…:scream:


A gilet juane?


Or Duncan MacLeod?


That’s right, Lassie was cuddly and helped people who had problems


And seemed to know what she was doing.



A new martyr for the right.


Says it all about these fuckwits


Yep. The BBC should be highlighting these issues rather than slagging off the grammar in a Twitter post.


That’s don’t really stand for those things though do they, they’re just trying to appeal to every cause going. The Uk yellow vests are just a bunch of right wing yahoos.


I don’t know them, but if they are truly against many of the issues listed then I’d have some common ground with them.


That’s their hope, publish a list of standard gripes/issues and then claim everyone who turns out is 100% behind all their mullarky.


It’s not like anyone normal is for child abuse is it. Or people starving.


This is them in action, attacking a socialist journalist, because he happens to be pro-remain. Sorry but I don’t buy Their little catch all list above.


A movement represented by a symbol of a yellow bib - say no more. Wonder how bin collectors, street cleaners, construction workers, transport operatives, security people, and bus inspectors feel about it? Bus inspectors, wait a minute, now it all makes sense!!