Good man, Jeremy (he is a remainer!)
The more this drags on, the more I am beginning to believe that May has played this all along so that Brexit WON’T happen.


He may turn into John Thaw …


It is fascinating watching this unfold, i literally have no clue what’s going to happen. Could just as easily remain and leave on no deal in a few short weeks. Either way there’s going to be a lot of unhappy people and the divide is getting more polarised and bitter.


And he gets to hop off khaleesi in GoT…:heart_eyes:


Just as well he got to play Inspector Morse and not Jack Frost.


Only only do 130 when I’m braking, so no, not me.


Absolutely top drawer from you Dub09!!


"We want to take back control!!!

“No not yet!!!”


The arguments are really quite pathetic. Logic has left the building. Sense they know they’ve lost the debate and are clutching at straws.


Alas logic was never in the building.


Have been receiving letters at work from HMRC last number of months regarding Brexit.

Majority were all based on “what if” scenarios.
Latest states actions that must be taken if UK leaves EU without deal & you import/export with any EU state other than Ireland.

Red tape is going to be horrendous.


Is there any reasoning why Ireland is to be treated differently in the case of a no deal?


Because of their unicorn based solutions to the Irish border.


It is staggering how inept they all appear to be. I mean can HMRC be really that ignorant to the reality of No Deal or is it actually all a big game they’re playing to say “oh well we tried our best but it isn’t working. No brexit”


Appear to be? No - they really are all inept. Clearly


This, for me, was the moment that the likelihood of Brexit coming to pass seriously started diminishing. A man, purportedly a Brexiteer to the core, in the role of Brexit Secretary, hadn’t a Scooby as to what was happening or what would happen. At 0.18 into the video, you will see two members of the committee seated in the last two seats of the horseshoe-shaped table and don’t seem to care to much about what they’re hearing.


He is typical of the brexiteers As far as I can see. They dismiss all evidence and give their opinion of what they think will happen which is based on nothing concrete. The one economist they have is a whack job nutter who thinks they will just have to shut down their manufacturing industry like they did the mines in the 80s. Absolute horse manure.

Their economy has gone from fastest growing in the G7 to a standstill in 2.5 years and the only reason it’s mot worse is that the BOE started a stimulus package of quantitative easing. And still they harp on about project fear. Meanwhile 800billion of assets has been moved out of the country and jobs are starting to follow as businesses just give up.

An absolute farce of epic proportions. Lunacy of the worst kind. May has made a pigs ear of the negotiations by not getting a consensus and just driving on with her anti immigration narrative as if it was the only issue and has come back with a joke of a deal.

Hey ho.


The letter said they will

“write to us again with information about arrangements for trading with Ireland as soon as we can”. That’s verbatim.

You really couldn’t make this up.


Bang on the money


Have to say i genuinely feel sorry for her. There is literally nothing she can do. I’ll tell you one thing. I admire her courage for sticking it out. All the “men” have chickened out and legged it. If she packed it in in the morning i genuinely believe they would be in a farcical situation where nobody would run for leadership. I don’t think shes’s a great leader but at least she has the courage to try and lead this shit show