M18 from Galway to Limerick is excellent, cuts journey time by 1/2hr at least and has a great impact on traveling to Cork and Yerra land also.


Nice, didn’t realise it was done.


Gort bypass finished it back in late Summer 2017 - it also extends up to Tuam on what used to be the N17 - now the M17!


I wish I was on that.


I am, literally.


So your the f-cker swaying all over the road in front of me using his phone at 130km/h :wink:


Some do…some what the railway reopened. It’s a hot topic right now in these parts.


Probably the best thing that has come out of Tottenham …


Is he Jewish??



Land Rover creating 3,000 new jobs in Slovakia by coincidence



Good man Dobbo



I must say Irish journalists and politicians come across as far more knowledgeable & competent then their English counterparts in this whole fiasco.




I’m raging I wasn’t there this year, fair play Dobbo


Except for Jon Snow on Channel 4, who seriously knows his stuff.



He seems to be losing his edge a bit, not as sharp as he used to be.


Probably due to global warming.


Yeah this is really gonna help Theresa win that vote now…