Jaguar land rover set to announce 5k job cuts today.


brexit going well so


I fookin despise Farcebook



they did though - Rabobank, RBS, Santander, UK Mortgage lenders and banks.

same with insurance, in fact most insurance in ireland is run by the big european and american insurers.

there is nothing stopping Continental Banks from coming here if they wanted to, they just dont want to.

they all came when there was money to be made, and they will again where there is again (in their minds)


But there is no competition.


Ah, you mean Germany and France, til the World Bank(s) gang decided to stop that sort of thing gaining any more momentum?


Claiming credit for something they didn’t do. It’s the EU trade deal that’s gotten them that access


which will presumably be a short lived 3 month affair if they crash out with no deal


So we’re being gouged but there’s not enough profit it in for the competition to bother their holes. God bless “market forces”.


Production was stopped in the latter half of 2018 due to a big fall in car sales in China.


It’s one of the reasons though


Yep, not just brexit as the cause but they have also been warning that brexit is causing the kind of uncertainty that will not do them any good. This is the company which perfected the just in time supply chain.


If you, loike, put that up as your, loike, status, I will loike it.


Would be the biggest defeat for a Govt since 1924. The largest post war defeated currently is 89 for the Callaghan government in 1979


Well it is a shitty deal. Worst of all worlds.


The death knell for the rail from Galway is the improved M6 and M18 along with the cost. It is far more expensive and slower to use. Ridiculous service.


The Cork to limerick road is a shambles, not sure abotu the limerick to galway.was a lot of work going on around limerick the last time i was up there.


and now they want to convert the northern end of the western rail corridor into a greenway.


All motorway now - all the bottle necks gone.