Huge poll the other day suggest that is he doesnt back a people vote, labour will be hammered in any election, so i am hoping he is biding his time till mays deal is shot to pieces and then will row in with his no confidence motion which will also get knocked back and then he will back killing any chance of no deal and also backing a people’s vote or just plain withdrawing article 50. Cant really see a way off the hook for them other then a referendum on the options.


What a nasty odious creature Bridgen is. Ashdown’s funeral hasn’t even taken place yet.


What a great decision it was for the UUP to vote in a dipshit hardliner who supports Brexit as leader :expressionless:


So Lloyd George was right just 100 years late in hitting unionist in the pocket


They have privatized in the last few months the most under utilized and poorly run bus services on the south side. Dublin Bus we’re running buses every hour an half or even less frequently on weekends and in the evenings. As a result public couldn’t rely on them. Miss a bus and you could be waiting over two hours for the next one!

The private operators are running them now every 15 or 20 mins and there has been a massive increase in passenger numbers! It’s only a few months but ask the people who use these buses and who don’t have a car if they would want the service to be returned to a state run one and I think you know the answer?!


Unfortunately the state transport companies and unions in ireland take the view they would have a great lives of it wasn’t for them passengers. They are reactive and dont focus in increasing passengers, Just how we can get more money from them. Its a pity as I a a believer in keeping it in state hands but it’s impossible when it’s run the way it is.


Like the time that the DCC asked the bin men to start doing the green bin service, they looked for extra money etc, while really they were going to be no more busy than they were… They refused, so a private company was brought in to run the service. We all know how that ended up!


Easy for a new operator to come into the market with full NTA backing.


The problem is that things are just not that simple. Many bus and rail routes incur a loss but as a public service, will be kept. Once privatised, that will stop. How often do you get on a train and see loads of older people having a free day trip? Of course losses will be incurred in these situations. Its called public service. Take a cursory glance at other countries and you’ll find loads of examples of privatisation of services that were a disaster. The huge problems of inequity in much of the world were made much worse as direct result of Thatcher and Reagan’s view that privatisation was the way to go. Privatisation and globalisation is literally killing the planet.


Is it not global warming?


I don’t think Irish Rail should be privatised but I think you have to be rational with routes though. Rail is expensive, expensive to set up and maintain. I’d be of the opinion rail should be provided only in those areas where there is a good business case for it. Everywhere else you provide the cheaper bus alternative. They re-opened Limerick/Galway and last I read its heavily underused whereas towns like Navan are crying out for it.


Heard some guy on the radio saying that it’d be cheaper to put every passenger on the limerick - Galway route into a taxi. Hope it has picked up s but since then, means cork to Galway you don’t have to go via portlaoise. (Which is a joke).


This is happening


Absolutely agree. I know it’s not an absolutist argument. It’s just when I see us being ridden by the banks, for car insurance etc, I get sick of people wanting to privatise everything and ‘let market forces decide’. The market is not on our side.


I would agree in some respect. The problem is that we are not entitled to look to a larger market particularly in relation to mortgages. Allowing access to EU banks would drive down Irish interest rates. I don’t know the ins and outs of whether it is legally feasible (can’t think of a reason it wouldn’t be) but it is a start.




Borrowing rates in Ireland by bailed out banks is a huge slap in the face to the taxpayer who contributed to saving them.

European banks could enter the market. They would require an Irish mortgage servicing licence to bring them under the audit control of the central bank of Ireland. A Dutch or Belgian bank was in the market a while ago but left. A lot of people still go to the bank their parents did.


Pre 1992 we were promised that other financial institutions would enter the Irish market etc. It never happened. What we have is, in reality, a monopoly situation in banking, car insurance etc and we are being gouged.


Isn’t there some spanish bank making a move to offer mortgages via an post or something?

Our problem when trying to lure in foreign banks is we’re a market the size of a medium sized european city.