But the British far right are steering very much towards the deregulation, unfettered capitalism model with their Brexit coup. You just have to look at Swedes speaking fluent English and then see Americans unable to point out a single country on a map of the world to realize which ends up with better public services.


Unfortunately tayto we do things backward in ireland, we apply strict capitalist dogma when dealing with the most vulnerable or thoes who fall on hard times but socialism to banks and wealthy business leaders (bailouts and write offs). The Scandinavians seem to have the balance better.


They do generally yea, there’s a reason they all reside in the top 10 happiest countries year in, year out.


We’ll rob that bank dressed as Robin Hood. We’ll throw a couple of quid behind the bar for Dub09 night even throw in a bit of grub.


Excellent summary.




and before you google all the problems with Uruguay…

There needs to be an implementation of both Capitalism and Socialism in the middle somewhere. Continuing to ignore social issues is unsustainable = France.


For some reason it’s not well established here. Fabianism never really caught on in the way it did in other countries. I’ve read the indirect role authoritarianism here knocked mass agitation out of the Irish in comparison to some of our European neighbours. Is anyone in the know about Poland? Similar history/culture etc. Are their political entities mostly of the FF/FF types?

Even if your a devout economic right of centre type the absence of a social agitation movement here outside of independence is very strange.

Brexit will only make it worse.


I suspect the church had something to do with that in the past. As for now…



Reckon we’ll see the SNP taking all the seats in Scotland bar one or two in the next election


Had an interesting conversation at weekend that Northern Ireland Farmers Union (or whatever their called) are in deep discussion with DUP’s. Comment made that if DUP’s remain on the wrong side of brexit and EU money fails to come towards the farmers as it currently does, the DUP as an entity will be wiped out, similarity to greens and labour down here.


Good riddance. not sure the farmers have that much sway tho. Although business are equally unhappy with them as well.


Dunno, Ulster Farmers’ Union (proper title) 11,000 farmers involved, with many more associates with votes.

Local comments (Tyrone) reckon it could be at least 100k votes gone.


Sweet. Not quite sure how anyone would justify voting for those dinosaurs in the first place.


Arlene’s heartland too …


House of Commons has voted to make sure that Theresa May has to announce her next plan for Brexit within three days of next week’s vote on her proposal, should it be voted down.


They most certainly do. They are the backbone of the DUP vote.


Hope you’re correct and they get hammered. Heard a DUPer on the radio earlier harping on about how wrong buesiness leaders in NI are about hard Brexit and that it is actually a great opportunity for them, they just can’t see it :roll_eyes:


“There are none so blind as those who will not see”.

This could be applied every bit as much to Corbyn as to the DUP. The timeframe for Labour’s/Corbyn’s preference (a general election) is running down rapidly so as to be impractical before 29th March yet they/he continue to do nothing.