Distinctly remember Johnson promising that they would not leave the single market. Huge new YouGov poll shows that the majority is now for Remain and that Tory members favour no deal (many of whom you suspect have no clue what that means and are still dismissing all the warnings as project fear). Remain is 16 points ahead of no deal in the general population.


This fucking obsession with “Dunkirk”. Dunkirk was probably one of the most humiliating military defeats of the 20th Century are they really sure they want to use that as a metaphor


and yet labour do nothing to force the issue. I don’t see the logic at all in letting this play out any further unless they are waiting to see how this vote in the next week or so goes, or does Corbyn just hope the UK crashes out of the EU regardless of what recent polls are saying?


Labour dropping in the polls despite the torys being in disarray, that’s what happens when you show zero leadership.


As an aside, where has socialism effectively worked?


Fair play. You’re entitled to your expenses. Nobody should be out of pocket from doing their job.


Where has it effectively been tried for long enough to work? (Without the U.S. coming along to carpet bomb or fund a coup)


the USSR, Cuba and Venezeula are the only 3 I can think of.


The USSR was a flawed version of communism. The U.S. did it’s usual in Venezuela and has been punishing Cuba for years. Capitalism simply must not let socialism gain a foothold and it knows it.


Didn’t David Hickey remark that if he was to get ill, he’d rather do so in Cuba than in Ireland?
Socialism is clearly not without flaws. But capitalism and its consequences is the driving force behind the greed of the likes of BoJo, Reece-Mogg, Putin, Trump, etc.


Cuba was the one of those 3 where I wasn’t sure if you could call it a failed experiment. There are obviously deprivations but ingenuity at the same time seemed to compensate somewhat for the US embargo


Yes, but he didn’t say he’d rather live in Cuba.

If he was he wouldn’t have been earning a sizable salary practicing his considerable skills.


To be fair, I think you could say he was referencing Public Health Care in lots of so-called developed countries, and not just Ireland.


Expression of ideas kills any regime. In capitalism the rich control and heavily influence the public discourse to their own ends which has clear social implications. In communism the state controls it and enforces a form of tyranny. Cuba got things right but a lot wrong too.


Venezuela’s problems have little to do with the US. It has more to do with putting all their eggs in the oil basket and discouraging and punishing entrepreneurship. There’s plenty of secret recordings with civilians in Venezuela on YouTube. None of them blame the Yanks. And if its so clearly not their fault why is Maduro and his cronies so against foreign journalists investigating what went wrong? Should we blame the Yanks for Cambodia too?

Socialism and communism are stupid and dangerous. The body counts don’t lie. Incredible that we still have advocates for Socialism in 2018.

Capitalism is not without its flaws and no system is perfect but imo its by far the best system to live under.


Capitalism is destroying the planet at a rapid rate, causing huge inequality and perpetuating countless wars. Socialism has done no such damage. You are mind-blind to the group think. It’s like saying 'the bully who kicks the shit out of some kids in the yard is less fearsome than the kid I don’t know.


And what group think would that be? That socialism has failed in every country its been attempted in?

And before you reply with more waffle how about you address the points i made about Venezuela? Or maybe come up with some hard evidence that proves Venezuela is a victim of US interference and is not responsible for its own downfall?


Outstanding leadership Jezza…


So you think the U.S had nothing to do with Venezuela, or even the initial coup? Have you any idea what the U.S. does? Do you think it’s actions are widely reported? Have a read for yourself.