or don’t have the time or energy to do it.


I suppose if they don’t make the time or effort to change shit shit won’t be changed.


Kielty is Spot on again



This is on tomorrow night on channel 4
Brexit: The Uncivil War – four political insiders give their verdicts


Bizarre to dramatize this when there’s an ongoing criminal investigation into the leave campaign funding and their links to Russia. :roll_eyes:


Atleast the yanks investigate


Interesting latest polls


What does it say about Corbyn that, with the Tories engaged in a civil war, he’d still be tanked in an election.


He needs to get off the fence on Brexit or labor remainers will vote elsewhere and tank the labour vote, so this push for an election tactic is back to front. Need to take a stance on Brexit (remain) first.

He said all along that the Labour membership would dictate policy and the membership overwhelmingly support a people’s vote, but he won’t budge.


Like most “socialists” he knows what’s best for the “people”


He’ll listen to the membership when they agree with him. :roll_eyes:


You prefer capitalists like Trump, Kim, Putin, Erdogan and of course Leo! Right wing strong men! Just because Corbyn is entirely wrong in this instance, does not mean that socialism is to blame. Tories called the referendum and Tories have made a bollocks of it.


Wouldn’t be a huge fan of Leo but not sure he deserves to be listed with that lot :joy:


Give it time!:rofl::rofl::rofl:


You got that from what I wrote?

Fair enough.


You had a lazy pop at socialism. My high dudgeon kicked in! No panic! If we beat Laois, I’ll be okay again.


Not lazy at all. No more than right wing strong men left wing socialists rarely have any time for what the people think once they get into power.


But interestingly, Corbyn is not in power and refusing to do/say anything that might put him there!


@DUB09 Here another one for you.