The more you know, the angrier you get.


Are these things that you would like to see come into force? Do you not think a carbon tax
A) provides funding for these schemes
B) is used as an incentive to speed up the uptake of these schemes?


You’ve lost me again I’m afraid. The more of your stuff I read the less I know - which may be good as apparently I won’t be as angry. Though isn’t it great that we have 15 people who we can blame for everything. God forbid a few million people might accept some responsibility for themselves. Or is that just that horrible ‘tax’ word.


The current supports for renualble energy schemes are a joke. I looked into it last year and with the support it would take 22 years for the investment to be viable. Farcical.

The way I can see it working is somthing like the bike to work or taxsaver shemes were the money is paid upfront and related out of gross salary over a 3 to 4 year period.


is the solar panel grant not a decent one? Covers a substantial portion of the cost? I only looked into it briefly last year and didn’t get into much more than a vague idea of getting them though so might have my figures wrong

Although your idea of a taxsaver scheme is a clever one.


Grants seem good

But that’s what I looked into, my outlay compared to the savings I would make. That’s without factoring in finacining cost and the lifespan of the product. You could be left in 12 years time with out of date tech and you have only recouped half your investment.


Didn’t know it was as bad as that. There does need to be more help in that direction to encourage. A carrot and stick approach would work well and finally focus people on the need to move in that direction, especially as we have such a high carbon cost from our cattle and dairy herd


There are a number of schemes under consideration and there is major investment targeted in this area. The whole solar power / self generation concept is new to Ireland and will take a while to work itself out I think eg how to feed it back into grid, what remuneration there would be etc. Huge improvements in EVs (battery duration etc) are probably in existence but will be fed in slowly to suit car manufacturers. One third of GHG emissions come from the agriculture sector. This is where real progress could be made but …


I agree but maybe the technology isn’t there yet either. 2 solor Panals will only heat your water saving approx 200 a year. Sealing up chimneys and insulation will save a lot more, but are not as sexy and don’t get the supports.


Putting words in my mouth and now you have lost me.

However, if you are elected and extremely well paid (compared to other countries) to run a country and implement policy and agenda then of course the are to blame when things go wrong under their tenor. You can add councillors to that list as well.

Responsibility for ourselves like we did the banking debt? I am still waiting for the thousands of Euro of tax stolen from me without my permission to be refund.


100 days. It can be done.


is that not how most democratic decisions are made though? You don’t give permission for health services or education etc. The people who were elected at the time made a decision that they believed was for the benefit of the country as a whole. Whether or not you think that to be true, it was not stolen from you


Agree to disagree, the bank bailout tax, however its disguise, should had been put to the people.

I would happily pay more tax than I am right now if put to good use, healthcare, housing etc.

The next crash is due, it will be worse.


It very possibly should have been put to the people (although I would imagine there was a major time pressure involved that negated that possibility). It is more using inflammatory language like stolen money etc that just leads to further and further division was more what I was trying to articulate


Our politicians are very poorly paid.


From 2016, and have gone up. And remember basic, not including most spend 40-50 k on expenses every year and all the holidays and Pension


water protests won out due to the fact that everyone had to pay - no exceptions no waivers.
If a rail service was privatised and free travel passes were staying no one would care.


Personally speaking, and I know of others, my concern was the obvious intent to sell Irish Water off at a later date rather than being asked to pay more, but the point I’m making above is that those protests show that resistance, if you wil,l or plain old getting up off your hole and speaking out when you don’t agree with pretty consequential policy decisions that will effect you and yours for generations works.

Whether people get as motivated again is another question, but you’d like to think the shitshow that is the UK rail system would spur people into action.


i didn’t protest but i didn’t pay either.

i think if those on unemployment and low income were exempt from water charges - it would have been introduced as the squeezed middle would have just taken another hit.

anyways - back to brexit


I think the so-called squeezed middle need to get off their holes too if that’s the case.

Anyhow, Brexit. The perpetual dumpster fire.