Smackabkle person


Rees Mogg is like a cross between Adrian Mole and Jimmy Hill…and he’s a complete cnut too.


He said the Uk would make a trillion a year with no deal, so why is he trying to blame the Irish government. Methinks might knows it’s a disaster as well as anyone.


His ilk will never take responsibility for their actions. That would mean leadership. Trump is the same. Cowards.


I wouldn’t mind, but if he genuinely believed it was a phantom issue then he would have no problems with a backstop.

We should remember that the deal they are talking about is just the interim deal to stop a crash out. The negotiations on the future relationship and trade rules between the EU and UK haven’t even started yet. The actual real tricky work is still to come.


Given how unrealistic they are about the easy bit, fear to think the frenzy they’ll whip themselves into when things get tricky.


Running out of scapegoats for this disaster.


It’s like Napoleon blaming Snowball for all his miscalculated ills. All while workers rights are being eroded and extreme nationalism replaces sensible policies in the electorate decision making. I can see this being the last sting of a dying empiralist mindset rather then a rebirth, unfortunately the experiment will will need to take years to run it course and do saver damage to the UK and Irish economies.


Under the Fine Gael Tories if they remain in a coalition government with Fianna Fail over the next few years, Ireland will have a much higher percentage than that.

FG model their governance off the Tory party in London, expect to see more privatisation etc over the next few years and for example - just look at the cost and shambles that is their rail system.


The water protests demonstrated these things aren’t a foregone conclusion if people resist.


They are not that is true, but can a mass movement like that be organised again, all walks of life came together on that one from across the country.

How many protests, how many marches does it require.


Today is being described as “Fat Cat Friday” in the UK. High-level bosses in major FT Index companies will have earned the average industrial UK annual salary by the close of business today. Three working days to earn that annual average salary.


As I posted on another thread, ken Clarke says the next generation needs to find a way to curb the excess of capitalism, so that it works for everyone and the wealth gap is not so damn big.

Not sure Fine Gael are as right wing as the tories to be honest. The tories right are millionaire hedge fund managers and Eton attending toffs who are totally & utterly removed from reality.


Who’s rail system is this you’re talking about? What else do you expect to be privatized? Can you give a couple of examples?


Talking about the Brits rail system as example of the policy, the recent news this week and the last few years about cancelled trains, overcrowding and the extortionate costs.

187% of capacity in 2017
Cancelled or late trains was at the highest level in 17 years
35% increase in fares since 2010.

Our own, its starts slowly, Dublin bus is one, some routes privatised, FG don’t believe in a public service, tried water, rail will be next, best healthcare goes to private, the levy introduced on over 33s with no private health care. Starts small, then boom . . . .

Privatisation is good right, competitive markets, competitive prices etc. There are 8 electric and Gas companies operating in Ireland. 4th highest electricity cost in E.U., 2nd for Gas.

Ires Reit, Irelands biggest Landlord. Can inflict increases at will.

Highest interest rates in E.U.

Not to forget taxes , don’t forget the new carbon household tax coming,


Whatever about the initial points, Ireland has to get real with Carbon taxes and incentivise people to change their habits. They balked at doing it this year, presumably in anticipation of an election, but they do need to bring them in. hopefully it becomes a diminishing tax source (and has been muted at points to give tax credits back in some form for compliant carbon users)


Just add on to my post, On a per capita basis, the country’s public debt is the third highest in the developed world and amounts to €42,000 for every person resident in the State.

In 2007 the debt was approx. 45 billion, now 200 Billion approx.

Forced debt on the people undemocratically.


I agree but There are extreme elements in both but the hardliners in the Tories seem to have much more high profile.


I really don’t understand much of that I’m afraid.


Nope, another tax. If the products available to the consumer where Carbon efficient I am sure there would be no problem. They are not there on mass.

1, every new home/building is built with solar power and rain water collection facility.
2. Existing buildings/ Homes to be upgraded through schemes
3. Legislation on product manufacturers to change from plastic packaging
4. Phase out of petrol diesel cars, Electric cars only after (insert) year, Brits are doing it.
5. Water / Wind/ Solar farms.