Meaning…what? Soundbite (often ironic or sarcastic) witticisms of the modern media vernacular seem to believe they’re above explaining or giving some context. Damn hipsters!


This is going well!


Some of the brexiters have been giving out about how firm the EU negotiating team have been and about how they should be more considerate of what the UK wants. These are the same people who said that negotiating Brexit would be easy and that it would be simple to do favourable trade deals with other countries. Basically the tweet is saying that if you think the EU is not giving you a favourable deal wait until you try to negotiate a deal with the US or China.


UK Govt is issuing contracts for extra freight ferry services in the immediate aftermath of a no-deal Brexit, £108m worth. The vast majority is shared between two well renowned companies. £13.8m worth is allocated to a third company, Seaborne Freight. British owned, Seaborne Freight has a current company value of £70 and has NEVER operated a sea ferry up until this contract being awarded. I would be VERY interested to know who its owners/shareholders are or what their connections are.




And were supposedly losing routes into rosslare which makes no sense. Get the impression irish govt hasn’t committed to much resources to planning or implementing a no deal scenario.


Cheers! I think it was the use of the singular person possessive (“cracks”, which indicates ‘that entity cracks his or her knuckles’) in the context of reference to several (countries, indicating that ‘those entities crack their knuckles’ ) objects that confused me most amongst the ultra witty cleverness.


Thats Irish ferries, they have aleays been a horrible company. With demand increasingly somone else will hopefully service it.


It’s going well


Why there’s no one talking about this on bbc?



Jesus. That’s spectacular.


I’d hate to see the bill for all the hours spent on this as well, whole departments of civil servants working on it, a billion here, 5 billions there, 200 millions on planning etc etc. Biggest waste of money in history. Going to dent their economy badly and they’ll have virtually nothing to show for it except a shitty deal from trump where they have to wash chicken in chlorine because they treat the poultry so badly.

450 deaths a year in the USA (populaion 350 million) from salmonella, 10 in the EU (population 500 million) says it all about food standards. Some people say the EU is a neoliberal organisation yadda yadda but the regulations in a lot of cases are to protect consumers & workers from rampant capitalism.



I know it’s too easy to call them idiots but seriously …





It gets worse/funnier, depending on your point of view…


Considering they are the 5th biggest economy in the world this is scandalous.